Sunday, 29 July 2012

2 Million blog hits!? 

I have been quiet on all fronts. I try and maintain my twitter tweeting regime and thankfully there are apps available which make it easier. I have not blogged very much. I've written previously of real world issues that have demanded my attentions. These are ongoing.

I've sort of lost my way these last couple of months. I decided to go back into therapy some time ago and am seeing a therapist weekly. Monday will be session three of the assessment stage.

I feel very isolated. That isolation is accompanied with self doubt and a deep rooted sense of inadequacy. I am physically isolated as well as emotionally so. Whilst I never was much of a mixer, I still had full time employment to occupy my day. Not being in full time employment is I guess adding to the sense of inadequacy.

I am working, self employed, but this work is in the fledgling stages and will take some time to bear fruit. I am also trying to get book two to a stage where it can be independently reviewed and edited. It is a hard book to write. It strips off my skin and flesh and exposes the very core of my being. It's a painful and unpleasant experience at times buttoned feel I must endure.

Though I have overcome much this last year there are still "issues" that remain which cause me many problems. I've survived, I've thrived but I am not yet whole.

There is so much I want to do. Financial and personal restraints prevent me. There is so much work needed to educate the general population, to bring awareness to those that either cannot or will not see. I know I cannot change the world but I do want to be a cog in the machine that does change people's perception of child abuse and the aftermath of such.

I've escaped/cheated death a few times in my life. There must be a reason why..

Please be patient with me whilst I try and link the pieces of me together.

Thank you for being there, for supporting and encouraging me in this journey.


mohadoha said...

Hang in there... we all have this feeling and then it passes. Try to make some time for exercise -- that has really, really helped me get my day and mind going away from the circles.

Don Shetterly - Relaxing Piano Music said...

I hear you loud and clear. Sometimes we have those moments of smooth sailing and other times, the storms come up and batter us a few rounds.

2 Million hits - wow... awesome - your hard work is paying off. Just make sure you take the time out for yourself as well... sometimes I know that isn't easy and I struggle with it as well.

I'm sort of in a hunker down mode right now because it feels like every time I stick my head above ground, someone shoots it off.


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