Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Inner Child #poetry

I'm reminiscing and I'm missing,
The childhood I never had.
I'm triggering and I'm figuring,
There were reasons to be sad.

I'm supposing and I'm closing,
In on all my childhood fears.
I'm indicting and I'm inviting,
The people behind my tears.

I'm reflecting and I'm injecting,
The power of God above.
I'm unmasking and I'm asking,
Why the child was void of love.

I'm a hunting and I'm confronting,
The abusers once again.
I'm a hurting but I'm supporting,
The courage of the child within.

I'm remising and I'm dismissing,
The notion that I was no good.
I'm a fearing but I'm a sharing,
All aspects of my childhood.

I'm a feeling but I'm a dealing,
With all of my past issues,
I'm a dying and I'm a crying,
So please pass me the tissues.

I'm confiding and I'm not hiding,
From the issues I must explore.
I'm expressing and not suppressing,
The child's feelings anymore.

I'm a shrieking but I'm a seeking,
To help heal the child again.
I'm a grinning because I'm winning,
The trust of the child within.


1 comment: said...

Hit the ground running with this one. Very interesting way of using rhyme! What about his as a song its almost rap like.. very upbeat and positive jan!!!!


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