Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The DreamScape Of Madness #poetry

Sitting alone in silence,
My body bathed in thought,
Darkened dreamscapes,
Cold and lonely,
My roaming mind did wrought.

Along a barren shore
My sleeping self explored,
And a girl calling my name,
A beauty along the shore came,
Calling my name, calling my name.

"Help me," she implored,
"Help me, I'm trapped in your mind
And can't seem to find
A way to leave this wind-blown shore."

I looked into her eyes
And knew I was looking at Heaven.
I immediately began to devise
A way to make this angel mine
For the duration of my stay
In this world inside my mind.

So I took her hand
And let her away from that phantom sea,
To a tower in the distance,
And she followed me.

The tower was a leftover from another dream,
Part of a desolate nightmare city, in ruin,
And within that haunted obelisk,
We danced to love's mad tune.

Afterwards from the rafters did arise,
A loud and mournful moaning cry:
"Get thee out from our tower, you must!
Awaken not my slumbering brother,
That dreaming, lumbering other,
Or you will most certainly die!"

Looking up I saw a dark glowing shadowman,
Standing beside a snoring duplicate of myself,
Not more than nine feet above us,
Watching us from a narrow wooden shelf.

"Who are they?" she cried,
And though I had my suspicions, I said,
"It makes no difference to me;
Who they are is not my business."
Then, taking her hand, I turned and fled,
And with great haste from that tower
We did fly.

After awhile we came across
A desert with heat so scorching hot,
We nearly caught our deaths from the sweats,
Until we found an oasis, or so we thought.

What we at first took for water,
Instead became a likeness of me,
Half-buried in sand, unable to stand,
In sleep, as calm as a moonless sea.

Again there appeared that half-dead ebony man,
And we cringed as he held up
A long and bony, night-colored hand.
"Awaken not my slumbering brother,
This dreaming, lumbering other,
Or you'll be withdrawn from
This nocturnal land."

We took to our heels and left him behind,
And on we fled until the desert ended,
And a lush green forest began.
Too tired to proceed, we answered the need,
And to sleep's call we surrendered.

The sleep I slept that night
Was not a normal sleep,
I closed my eyes, a moment went by,
Then into the sky the sun began to creep.

Opening my eyes,
In place of the forest I now saw a void.
It echoed with her soft snore,
And reminded me of nothing more
Than my life, which had known little joy.

Awakening her gently,
I kissed her lips and said,
"That void is my life,
And without you it's not nice.
Without you I'm dead."

So saying, I packed up our things
And we fled from the void,
But to my annoyance,
We found that it was all around us--
An all-encompassing void.

Stopping in my tracks,
I fell to my knees and cried,
"It's not fair!
I've only begun to love her and this life,
And now you want to take it away."

"Who does?" she started to say,
But before she could finish,
There arose in the void
A loud ringing noise,
That grew louder with each minute,
Showing no sign that it would ever diminish.

Then there appeared my slumbering doppleganger,
Lying asleep beside that unearthly stranger,
Who held up a hand for silence,
And the ringing ceased its clamorous violence;
He turned to me and I knew I was in danger

In danger of losing this world,
Of losing this lovely girl;
Yet I knew it was through
No malice on the part of the stranger.

He said, "My brother is awakening,
And from this world I must now be taking him.
By now you know, that when he goes, you go,
And you'll never be able to shake him."

Then his brother moaned,
And I felt pain greater than I had ever known;
The world began to shake,
My dreamworld started to quake,
And as I became one with my brother,
That slumbering other,
I knew I was headed for home.

As that world began to fade,
And a new one to take its place,
I caught the eye of that beautiful face.
It was filling with tears,
And I began to wonder which was the more real:
The girl and the world
From which I had just been evicted,
Or the chair in which I now sat,
Burning with the conviction that
I had just loved and lost
The most beautiful of all faces.


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Valley of Redemption said...

This was quite mystical, yet I sensed some spiritual connotation. I love it! And I can relate to feedback being very valuable, im a writer myself. Very glad I found your blogspot. Ciao +=<3


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