Friday, 23 December 2011

Angel Without Wings

Angel without wings
thought I could show you how I feel
but I don't want to let you down
with a pain that is so real.

Angel without wings
You tried to teach me how to fly
while I was falling in desperation
from a seemingly endless sky.

Angel without wings
I clung on to you for dear life
But even your deep loving
can not saving from the taunting knife.

Angel without wings
you give me the heaven in which to hide
and if only I could forget the aching memories
I could forget the reasons for which I cryed.

Angel without wings
My heavy heart weighs me down,
and in the casket that I lay
I see your tears and I frown.

Angel without wings
You tryed to teach me how to fly.
My sweet angel with no wings
I'm sorry my aching made you cry...

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