Friday, 30 December 2011

The Darkest Hour...

                             Hold me close, I cannot see
                             This Darkness has taken over me
                             I feel lost; I feel this pain
                             I am alone, I cry in vain

                             It is too heavy, I cannot bear
                             These memories, this hurt, is always there
                             The shame I feel; I hang my head
                             There are times I wish I were dead

                             Is there someone here; Listen to me
                             Can anyone help?  How can this be
                             I am all alone and it is dark
                             The hurt, the abuse has left it’s mark

                             I am drained, cause against this night
                             It is so very hard to fight.
                             Someone tell me this cannot be true
                             All of the things they put me through
                             I cry until I can cry no more
                             Then I cry again, just like before
                             Wait what is this..somone heard?
                             Someone understands these horrible words?

                             What are they doing safely holding me?
                             They tell me this will not always be
                             They tell me now that it is night
                             And the things that were done were not right

                             A Survivor friend is drawing near
                             Somehow with them, there is less fear
                             All of my strength is almost gone
                             The Darkest hour is just before dawn

                             Just before the sun starts to rise
                             It is darkest because of their lies
                             But the light will come, this I know
                             It’s dark now, but the light will show

                             The Darkness now  slowly leaving me
                             The Warm Sunlight now I start to see
                             I am now facing this long, hard fight
                             It’s darkest here just before it gets light.

                             I will not give up, I will go on
                             The Darkest Hour
                             is Just Before Dawn


Faith McDaniel said...

A survivor friend is quite near,
In fact I am sitting right here.
I share your pain and you are not alone,
On your journey to undo the damage that was done.

Do not give up and please go on,
Your brightest hour is yet to come!

Anonymous said...

Really like your poems. They speak of how you felt during your times of sadness and hopelessness. Thank you for sharing your most intimate feelings.

Jan WordWizard said...

Thank you both for your comments. Faith, our survivor friends are all around us. Many still too scared to speak up. I hope to help change societies attitudes. By sharing the pain inside I hope it brings light to this subject hidden too long in the dark.

Maggie said...

I truely hope that beautiful love and strength has found you and holds you gently to make you feel safe. Thank you for sharing x

Patricia Singleton said...

You are a light to me and to many others.


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