Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Always In My Heart

Everyday I think of how we're so very far apart
No matter how far, you'll always be in my heart

My love for you can not be explained
But your love I finally gained

A day without hearing your thoughts seems like forever
Don't worry, I'll never leave you, not now, not ever

Have you ever had a deep feeling of dread??
With you around no such thought pops in my head

Although you're so very, very far away
I can't help thinking about you each second of the day

I never ever want you to forget
I'll always be there in spirit

Everytime you see a falling star
That's me, sending my love from afar

I love you too much to stay away
You'll be in my heart each day

The only thing I want, in the entire universe
Is to be with you forever, for better or worse

I've never felt this way about anyone before
And with you, I could ask for no more

Without you close to me I feel like I will go insane
I need to be in your arms so there will be no more pain

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