Friday, 30 December 2011


Don't look
too close at me
You might not like
what you see.

I don't want you
to see inside
To see the tears
that I hide.

and I'm feeling so cold
... been crying all night long
and everyone tells me I am fine
and I'm assuring myself they are wrong.

With my head in my hands
can't stop crying.
I wonder if there's a reason
for my pain and lying.

I want leave the world
leave it all behind.
Know I'll get there,
just take some pills with wine.

and I don't wanna talk to nobody...
and I don't want to smile.
Just want to curl up in my bed;
like a frightend, saddend child.
look at me again
like a mirror that often lies
the corners of my mouth quivering
with a vague distance in my eyes...
...wishing I could die.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I feel tonight. I wish sometimes that I could run and hide from everything. I wish I could just be left alone to cry. Thank you for the post.


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