Thursday 13 February 2014

Love Is In The Air.. #love

Love, Love, Love...

It's that time of year again.. Ignored at your peril if you've got a partner, abused by the commercial sector as an excuse to make even more money. Those who are alone might well hate Valentines Day is nothing drops through their real or cyber letterbox.

Love is a gift, from one person to another, a shared gift that should be cherished and nourished. Don't take love for granted, it can quickly go sour.

I used to "fall in love" if someone was simply nice to me. I suppose my childhood has something to do with that. It took me a long time to appreciate what love really was. Love can take many forms, be expressed in many, many ways. It shouldn't be just on Valentines Day that you show your loved one what they mean to you..

Love is trust, security, a warm glow, a many splendored thing indeed.

Perhaps the hardest thing for people like me is to love ourselves, to allow ourselves to love and be loved. I didn't like myself for a long time, let alone love myself. Loving oneself is not vanity, it's essential. As a great songstress sang "Learning to love yourself, It is the greatest love of all"

Love can come from unexpected places if we allow ourselves to be receptive to it. Just because someone is not your predetermined "type" does not mean that love could not blossom.  What lies beneath the skin is far more important than good looks or a fit physique. Love is chemistry.

Whatever you do on Valentines Day, whether you are single or not, be nice to yourself. Be open to love; if you put too many obstacles in the way love will fail to knock on your door.

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