Tuesday 17 April 2012

A Broken Heart

It begins

early on


before we are born

forced into the world

it begins

with the feeding

of expectations

the brutalness

of reality

and it continues

with the shattering of dreams

and the destruction of hope

Unkept promises


broken eyes

simple deceit

mere betrayal


~ the unmistakable pain

of a broken heart

Tell me...

Can you hear it?


theresa lavelle said...

This is beautiful. I love your writing. Its so achingly real. Keep writing and healing. x

Anonymous said...

I understand only too well, my friend

Anonymous said...

Yes I knew it well before and after birth-- the knowledge of a feeling of rejection and desertion and contorted hurt- and yet a fine line moved across to love and back confusing me - until my mind burst and my heart was filled with bitter harm-- eventually it healed - and I can breath - the price of six decades has seeded the beginnings of some peace and knowing how to understand and love!

Johndwmacdonald said...

I know your broken heart because My heart was broken too. My mind was sundered and my essence was appalled. We know these things and hold a secret as we know through breaking down the possibilities and shapes and structures of reality. We see further and know more how to connect with those who are lost because of the damage and insight of our histories. Blessings on your work and mission!

Kate said...

I can feel the inner pain squeezing itself through the words. A painful truth, beautifully displayed in language.


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