Friday, 27 April 2012

Guest Post - Dedicated to Greece and to Love via @Scent_of_Roses

This week I would like to introduce you to one of the first people to follow me on Twitter.

Despoina (Debbie) Theodoridou has become a firm online friend and is a lady filled with music, passion and certainly has the heart of a poet. She has just had her first childrens book published which I'm sure will become a best seller!

You can find her on Twitter as @Scent_of_Roses

I grew up surrounded by genuine love.

Though my parents were poor, humor, love and laughter was a daily attitude in my family. I inherited the humor and the passion of my father; the logic, the love for music and writing and the courage, from my mother. I believe that love is the most precious gift in life. Love exists, love is real, love is immortal. It is love that adorns our life with its special flavor and its precious meaning. Thus my life has one certain purpose: "I live to love." - Despoina Theodoridou, Pianist/Writer/ Lyricist

Bio: Despoina Theodoridou was born and brought up in Thessaloniki- Greece. She is a Pianist, published Writer and Lyricist. Since the age of 4, she has expressed a genuine love and interest towards music. At the age of 9 she took her first Piano lessons. Since 2009 she has been writing Stories for Children, which intend to inculcate in children moral values and good manners. Apart from that, she’s also a playwright and has written comical screenplays, which mainly consist in parodies based on classic fairy tales, combined with references to the problems of the modern society. In addition, she has completed her first Poetry collection, which is going to get published in the near future. In her free time she also writes Lyrics for pop/rock music. She lives in Thessaloniki-Greece, currently working as a Piano teacher.

Despoina Theodoridou Pianist/Published Writer/ Lyricist

My childrens book, "Lola, the lonely doctor" now available at:

"Lola, the lonely doctor"
Every living being on this planet
is unique and gifted in its own way,
with its own abilities. This is why we
must never underestimate or despise
anyone. A little skunk, through her
generous love, gives a good lesson
to her friendly surrounding!

My poetry blog:

*Dedicated to Greece*
Poem by: ΔΕΣΠΟΙΝΑ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΙΔΟΥ DespoinaTheodoridou
Με ξεσκισμένο τον χιτώνα σου,
With your Chiton ripped;
έρημη και προδομένη,
Desolate and betrayed
Τρικλίζεις στα σκοτεινά σοκάκια του Χειμώνα
You stagger into the darken alleys of the winter
Τα πόδια σου ματώσανε χωρίς σανδάλια
Your feet, blooded, without sandals
Τα βήματα σου, μάταια, πάνω σε αγκάθινα κοράλλια
Your footsteps, futile, over thorny corals;
Και γύρω σου τα άμοιρα παιδιά σου
and all around you, your unfortunate children,
Λιπόθυμα, στο έλεος του τυφώνα,
collapsed, at the mercy of the typhoon;
Δακρυγόνοι ικέτες της άμοιρης
lachrymose entreaters of the misfortune
Κόρης του Ήλιου.
Daughter of the Sun.
Μνηστήρες ήρθανε και ‘φύγαν
Pretenders came and left
Στολίζοντάς σε με υποσχέσεις
adorning you with promises
Βγαλμένες απ’ την κοιλιά της Χάρυβδης
delivered out of the potbelly of Charybdis
Σε βάφτισαν στ’ όνομα της Ειρήνης
They baptized you in the name of Peace
Μα σε ντύσανε με τα ερείπια του πολέμου.
But they robed you with the remains of War.
Σε πρόδωσαν, σε λεηλάτησαν και σε ταπείνωσαν
They betrayed you, pillaged and humiliated you.
Κανένας δεν αγάπησε
No one loved
Τον πλούτο που βαστάς στα χέρια σου
the wealth that you’re carrying in your hands;
Την αρετή που φέρεις στην ψυχή σου
the Virtue that you’re holding in your soul.
Μα τα παιδιά σου δίψασαν
But your children are, now, thirsty
Για το γλυκό νερό της δικαιοσύνης
for the sweet water of justice.
Οι ψίθυροί τους γίνανε λυγμοί
And their whispers became sobs;
Κι ο κάθε λυγμός, τώρα, σπαράζει
And each sob, now, convulses
Όμοιος με κραυγή!
Resemble to a shout!
Κραδαίνοντας το Κότινο στα χέρια
Brandishing Kotinos in their hands
Βήμα το βήμα πήρανε τους δρόμους
Step after step, they took the way
Να κατακτήσουνε ξανά , με τόλμη και πυγμή
to conquer, once again, with boldness and fortitude
Το καταγάλανο ουρανό
The azure sky
που δίκαια τους ανήκει.
That fairly they own.

© Copyright 2011 Despoina Theodoridou ΧΙΤΩΝ/CHITON All Rights Reserved.


CherryPie said...

I enjoyed listening to you play and reading your poem. You are a very talented lady :-)

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Thank you for the outstanding posts!

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Nice work, regards

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Love it. Hope u don't mind if I follow u on twitter. Packleader66


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