Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Male Victims of Sexual Abuse Face Unique Challenges

While both male and female sexual abuse victims struggle with shame and stigma, stereotypes about masculinity often force men to wrestle with unique issues.

"Males, especially as children and youth, are less likely to disclose abuse," Elizabeth Saewyc, a professor of nursing at the University of British Columbia who helps create individualized programs for the treatment of abused children, told LiveScience. "Because a lot of our stories about men is that they're sort of in charge sexually, when there is sexual abuse it really undercuts all of our social scripts. It is not only a violation of a boy's boundaries and their most personal autonomy, that biggest right to privacy of the self, but it also contradicts their sense of masculinity."

Original Male Victims of Sexual Abuse Face Unique Challenges

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Matthew - The Irreverent Buddhist said...

"Big boys don't cry", or so they say ... Well actually they do and quite a lot if they'd been abused and are healing. Even if not abuse there is much in this works to have a cry about if you are in touch with your emotions! Thank you for your post.


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