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Database of UK and Eire – Paedophiles and Child Abusers via @UK_Database_CSA

Database of UK and Eire – Paedophiles and Child Abusers

Naming & Shaming UK Abusers of children

Now over 36,000 profiled (January 2015) This website has been created as a resource tool for anyone with an interest in child safety. It is designed to keep parent/carers informed of child abusers who may be living in their area. The website lists UK child abusers who are still residing in all areas throughout the UK. 

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This database holds the offences of those offenders that have been convicted or cautioned for sexual offences against children. In some cases, we have also profiled offenders whose offences have been against persons aged over 16 years old, but who we deem pose a significant risk to children

The website legally runs under the Data Protection Act 1998. The Information Commissioner’s Office is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

This is the only public database that profiles UK Paedophiles – Child killers and child abusers. Search by area, or offender and read the crimes and look at the photos of the most evil members of UK society

MORE than 400 children are sexually abused every week in Britain — one every 20 MINUTES

The 43 police forces in England and Wales recorded 23,097 child sex offences in 2011 and is equivalent to 444 attacks a week — or one child abused every 20 minutes, and the abuse is getting worse with paedophile rings being set up in almost every county in the UK. 

Giving a voice back to the victims and survivors of Child sexual abuse

The sexual exploitation and abuse of children is nothing less than a form of terrorism. The severe fear and emotional traumas suffered by the abused can often last a lifetime, especially if the ‘secret’ is never revealed.

There is NO EXCUSE for child abuse! It has to STOP! The destruction of young lives and futures must not be tolerated for another year, day, hour or second! If you are intent on ruining an innocent child’s life, then you will forever be shamed and shunned by society for the evil things that you have done.

Children have rights in society and its every child’s right to live in a safe environment, free from harm.

Aims of this website

The contents of this website highlight the vast problem of abusers re offending time after time. Sentences are patchy, sparse and far too lenient, not to mention an absolute insult to the victims and their families. The laws need to change, sentencing needs to change, monitoring needs to change, and the rights and welfare of child abusers over children, also needs to change.

We hope to spread awareness of child abuse in today’s society and  hope more survivors can find the courage to come forward and expose their abusers. 

If you know of an offender who is not on this database, please get in touch and include all relevant information and if possible an on-line media report link.

If you have been affected by child abuse and your story was not covered by the media, please contact us with the relevant documentation.

The Admin of this database do not condone any acts of vigilantism after viewing the material contained on this site. It should be used for resource purposes only.

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