Wednesday 25 November 2015

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It is estimated that One in Four adults has experienced child sexual abuse* (CSA). We are proud to announce the launch of Survivors’ Voices, which features the narratives of fourteen survivors with an analysis of the findings. There is also a supplement with eight further narratives. Most survivors mentioned that they had seen many professionals before they received the help they needed. An important outcome from this project has been the development of a pocket guide for professionals, partners families and friends.

For too long child sexual abuse (CSA) has been unrecognised or not fully understood, now One in Four has given survivors an opportunity to tell the world of the impact childhood sexual abuse has had on their adult lives.Survivors’ Voices is an important REPORT that brings together the narratives of women and men who have survived abuse in the family environment, which accounts for 70 percent of CSA.
Written in their own words, Survivors’ Voices is a powerful testament to the devastation of CSA and its impact, not only on the individual, but also to those around them and wider society.
Survivors’ Voices includes an analysis of the themes that emerge from the narratives. A strong commonality between the narratives is length of time it has taken to find appropriate professional help and counselling. As a result of this One in Four has produced a pocket guide for professionals.
Survivors’ Voices is available to view or download HERE.
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Patricia Singleton said...

Jan, Is this yours and Donna's book?

Beyond Survivor said...

Hello Patricia,

No, this is a different project done by One in Four. My book with Donna is awaiting publication x


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