Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Patricia McKnights Justice #childabuse #survivors via @triciagirl62

My good friend and fellow survivor Tricia McKnight has set up a fantastic new website. It is called Patricia McKnight's Justice 

 On this site you will get to know this woman; heralded as a "Hero; A Conqueror Over Abuse". You will be able to see her speaking platform and connect to have Tricia speak at your event. She provides links to her own true horror story, "My Justice" about a life stolen by more than 30 years of almost deadly violence and sadistic abuse. There are various links to Talk Radio Interviews, Readings of "My Justice", Book Reviews, Press Releases and more.

However, this site isn't just about who Tricia is or what she has lived through. It's about sharing facts concerning these criminal acts against our children, our peers, partners, loved ones. There is a collection of Survivors who are finally able to use their voice after living through decades of silent secrets, dysfunction, and self destructive behaviors. These Outstanding Examples of Survivors are using their various talents as Authors/Musicians/Artists/Bloggers/Journalists and building advocacy organizations to help combat the growing epidemic of violence in our homes.  

Through the page links above, you will find a tab for "Generation No More". This is a growing page where you are invited to take part and give your voice to end the crimes of abuse and violence. "Generation No More" is Tricia's own creation to build awareness, prevention, education, and empowerment in our own communities.You'll find a Guest Book where you can give your voice and help provide resolutions to create a strong network and support those who've been harmed within your circle of family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Together we can all make an impact within our society as we create a better, SAFER, world for our children. 

Violence and abuse toward others is become more prevelant as our world continues to be so difficult to survive. The anger from lack of success in the outside world flows into our homes and we harm those who we should hold close and protect. There is a need for dominace and power, greed of control over others along with our own past abuses against us; this all infects our homes and bleeds into the lives of those around us. Our children take the bullying and dominating control of others onto the streets and then against their peers or by committing criminal acts, they then are able to feel their own sense of control and power over others. Many of our youth will fall prey to gang violence, get caught in a world of prostitution or drugs; even worse using guns to show their dominance.

Now, Ms. McKnight invites you to check out all the information provided. It is important to educate ourself on the cruelty and lifelong impacts of these silent crimes. When we are aware of the extreme harm inflicted by those who should love us, those we trust to protect us; then we can provide resources, support and understanding for all that these victims are left to cope with and carry as they then learn to become protectors of their own children. ​​

 “I have not always been safe or believed in myself enough to share my voice. In truth, I’ve only been safe about 7 years and only found my voice just 2 years ago. My life was invaded at age 5 when the man my mother chose to marry brutally molested me. What he took that night trapped me in a lifetime of cruelty; he took away MY VOICE. For 12 years I was trained as a slave to my family and the evil of my stepfather. This set a pattern of accepting abuse and violence, which kept me trapped to endure 20 years of Interpersonal Violence, Control, Degradation, and even Attempted Murder. The life I had been so well trained to accept as “Normal”, invaded my children’s lives because of my inability to make Safe Choices. This is the cycle of generational abuse and family violence, which has existed since the beginning of mankind. There has been a struggle of power over another since God created Adam and Eve. It is this need for greater power to intimidate and control those around us, that has led to the development of status in our society. The programming of the powerful Dominant Male, Submissive Female and Non-Existant Rights of our Children has created a home of dysfunction. We can change what has festered silently and destroyed the lives of millions. This is the basis of why I use my voice, my story, my survival to speak against the violent and abusive training of our children each day.” Tricia McKnight

 Find more about Tricia and her amazing work HERE


Unknown said...

Love it Jan, thank you my dear friend for helping to share this new adventure. Building the voices and creating a new path for our children, Generation No More and Survivors World now open, I hope all will join in. Let's stamp out the abuses of our past generations and give our children something much better, many hugs :)

David Marsh said...

Always supporting those who expose this massive problem of child abuse in all our communities,from all your friends at Tom Thumb and friends.Thank you.


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