Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Removing Chains @RemovingChains #childabuse #survivors

Ark of Hope for Children is excited to announce the opening of our own nonprofit live chat social support network...

Removing Chains

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Removing Chains.org offers 15 FREE and anonymous live chat rooms for victims and survivors of almost every type


Since 1992 Blair Corbett, founder of Ark of Hope for Children, has been offering mentoring and counsel to young people in need of love and support. Since starting Ark of Hope in 2000 more and more child abuse and bullying victims have sought him outthumb world wide web online. Ark of Hope, through Blair, has assisted dozens of victims of every kind of abuse imaginable over the years from all over the world.
Blair's passion gave birth to Ark of Hope’s CounterAttack online mentoring program. Yet Ark of Hope had to settle for the average large social sites that can be very insecure and not very safe. Now Blair and Ark of Hope for Children have built a safe, secure and anonymous live chat help site where people can finally come to seek help without guilt or shame. This allows Ark of Hope for children a place to meet our "clients" from all over the world in an environment that is much more conducive to healing and empowerment.
Removing Chains offers 15 chat rooms in the following categories;

Abuse Rooms for Adults
  • Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Chat Roombullying-standalone06thumb
  • Family and Friends of Victims Chat Room
  • Female Survivors - Women Only Chat Room
  • Male Survivors - Men Only Chat Room
Extreme Abuse Support Rooms
  • Child Trafficking Victim Support Chat Room
  • Institutional, Ritual, SRA Abuse Support Room
Illness Related Support Rooms
  • Depression, Mental Health Support Room
  • Sick, Disabled, Homebound Adult Support Room
Under 18 Support Roomsbullying-standalone07thumb
  • Bullying Support-Don't Stand Alone Chat Room
  • Under 18 Child Abuse Support Chat Room
  • Under 18 Depression, Self Harm, etc Chat Room
  • Sick – Disabled Kids Chat Room
Welcome Rooms
  • Adult Welcome Lobby
  • Under 18 Welcome Lobby
Meeting Rooms
  • Training Room

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