Monday, 30 March 2015

The Dragons Of Light #poetry #hope

As the last dragon clung to her lonely rock,
She knew all she had left was a tick on her clock.

For the land was in turmoil, they said she was to blame,
So they sent forth a soldier to put out her flame.

Now blood poured forth from the gash in her side,
Flowing into the sea to go out with the tide.

She opened her maws and let out a wail,
Her eyes filled with pain as she heaved her great tail.

She knew it was time, she knew she would die,
So she spewed out her eggs into sea and to sky.

They floated around for a thousand years,
They floated in pain, they floated in tears.

They drifted around in mankind's grime,
They drifted around until it was time.

To awaken us all from the fear we'd begun,
To the knowledge within us, the light we'd become.

And now they are moving and pulsing inside,
Inside our hearts and inside our minds.

Emerging in thoughts and in dreams in the night,
The dragons within us, the dragons of light.


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