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Your Inner Child #ChildAbuse #Therapy

  • Discovering Your Inner Child

Everyone has a inner child but for some they are more apparent than others, this is because when someone has gone through trauma at a young age, the child can't cope with what is happening so he/she goes somewhere deep inside and hides away for their own protection whilst another part of you takes over from that child. As you get older and go through more and more bad experiences the body breaks into more parts, these parts of you are called the inner child.
The part that doesn't want to grow up and likes to play still and has immature emotions and ways, this is your inner child. As an adult you become more aware of your inner child because part of you has grown up with age but that little you who had to hide deep inside all those years ago will one day want to come out when they feel safe to do so,
This can sound quite an experience to go through but it can be an enjoyable part of the healing journey and also fun, you can discover your inner child in many ways as detailed under Working with your inner child.
Take some time to get to know your inner child and learn to comfort them and help them to grow up with you; it's the right path for inner healing.
Getting To Know Your Inner Child 
This part can be fun and rewarding but also very sad and difficult as you get to know your inner child you will understand gradually things that happened to you as a child, the good and unfortunately the bad too.
Just keep reminding the little you that you are safe now and your adult you will look after little you.
As you get to know your little one you can learn to love yourself and you will soon realise that the abuse that happened to you was in fact not your fault.
As you start to remember or re-visit the past make sure you are with someone who can support you and that you feel safe, try and not be alone as this can lead to damaging effects on you, you have all ready been hurt enough and you don't need any more pain to have to experience.
Take your time and enjoy getting to know the little you and eventually when you have got to know her/him you can begin to heal the damaged past years.
Healing Your Inner Child
Healing your inner child takes a lot of time and needs to be done with great care, it can also be fun, you have to remember that this inner child has been very hurt and traumatized but he/she is a part of you.... a big part of you that holds the key to those parts of your life that you thought were missing.
It is possible to heal the inner child with the right support and you have to want to heal him/her and get to know them, it won’t be easy and needs to be taken at your own pace.
To heal the inner child you will have to visit parts of your past that you might not want to but all the time reassuring the little you that they are safe now and that you as an adult will protect them.
There are lots of resources and books etc for self help on healing the inner child or there is therapy. Working with a therapist you can write to your inner child and learn to let him/her have a voice so that you can understand your little you so that healing is possible.
Take time getting to know your inner child and accept that you have one so that you can work together. Remember your little one has been locked away for years after going through a lot of pain.
He/she needs to be loved and to feel safe and cared for and accepted so they can grow up with you 
Working With Your Inner Child
Once you have discovered your Inner child you can learn to relate to him/her and then start to work with them,
It is best to work with a therapist who understands the inner child and there are some books you can work through too.
Things you can do yourself?
You can write letters to your inner child and get him/her to reply, this way you can get to know one another.
You can let your inner child play... play dough is fun you can also get rid of a lot of stress fondling with play dough, try and remember what your favourite games were as a child and play some . This can be fun and healing.
If you ever feel your inner child is insecure and lonely you could try wrapping yourself up in a comfy blanket and rocking yourself telling your little one inside its ok.

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