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Equality and Justice for Noeleen, Daughter of Cynthia Owen #JusticeForNoleen

Justice for Noleen Murphy born and murdered 4th April 1973

Some people will remember a desperately sad and worrying case, of a woman who alleged that she and her siblings had been subjected to sexual abuse in their home, that Gardai were involved, and that her mother had murdered her baby.

A child, murdered at birth by stabbing, was found in an inquest to have been hers, born to her when she was 11. The mother, Cynthia Jones, says that her mother stabbed her baby, and that she and her siblings were subjected to years of rape, and iis still trying to get the case to court. When in opposition, Alan Shatter said he remains "gravely concerned about the lack of prosecutions in this case". From information published about Cynthia's case he felt convinced there was a prima facie case to be brought alleging murder, assault and sexual abuse.

This blog is being set up with the intention of getting my
story out to the world, about my daughter Noeleen, who was born and died on 4th
April 1973, murdered by my own mother, conceived either by my father or two
older brothers, or any member of a local pedophile ring, made up of 13 men.

These men were friends of my fathers, that consisted of 3
serving police officers, two who worked on the murder case of my daughter
Noeleen, who covered up her death, and murder and those guilty of sexually abusing me and my siblings.

Three of my siblings ended their lives due to the abuse. And
I went on to give birth to a second child through the abuse that was stillborn,
my son John was buried in the garden of my family home, Noleens body was found in Dunlaoghaire in
April 1973, her murder case was investigated for six weeks, then downgraded to
infanticide, without the permission of the court.Her inquest was opened then adjourned and
never held again until I came forward and lobbied to have the inquest heard.

She was buried just 5 years after her body was found, in a
mass grave, with other babies, who all died of natural causes. However, as a
murder victim she should have been buried alone.

Forty years later no one has even spent a day in prison, 5
men are still alive belonging to the local pedophile ring, called the “Sorrento
Six” and my two brothers are still alive, but despite a 19 year campaign for
justice, they are still alive and free.
It seems that some Gardai have tried to get somewhere with the case, but overall, there is a shocking sequence of events in terms of evidence lost or obscured. An earlier enquiry was passed to a lawyer who had published an article in which he showed a hostile attitude to allegations of abuse.Cynthia Owen still hopes for action and is asking people to email the Department of Justice.

The facts of this case have not been established in Court and many people involved are dead. Cynthia Owens says that a number of men involved are still alive and a risk to children.

It seems to me that she and her child deserve the full efforts of the Court system.

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NoleenBetrayed40Years said...

Hi thank you for featuring my case my petition is now closed. But you can still help by emailing your support to the Minister for Justice and ask him to open an inquiry into my case you can also tweet him @AlanShatter#JusticeforNoleenNOW!

See my facebook page Dalkey Sindy Murphy or my blog


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