Thursday, 22 November 2012

Male Survivors of Child Abuse #video #childabuse #survivors

Three brave male survivors of sexual abuse, Peter Saunders (Founder of NAPAC), Graham Wilmer (Founder of The Lantern Project) and Joe Peters (No1 Best Selling Author of Cry Silent Tears) speak out about their horrific stories. 

Peter Saunders was sexually abused by a close family member at 5 years old. Graham Wilmer was raped by his teacher at 13 years old. Joe Peters was locked in a dog cellar for 4 years and was eventually sold to a paedophile ring by his own mother at just 5 years old.

Find out how these courageous men survived through the worst period in their lives to help many other victims today



LisaLinenLady said...

People just don't want to know - especially if it's happening within their social or familial circle. Such a shame. Congratulations on overcoming the trauma and creating something positive and helpful for others.

Melanie Mulligan said...

Couldnt agree more

Anonymous said...

So moving. Abuse must be challenged and stopped. Such brave men and true inspirations too many of us survivors.


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