Saturday, 25 October 2014

Help ME! #childabuse #survivor #poetry

I'm crying inside but no one can hear

I'm hurting inside but no one can see

I'm dying inside but no one cares

Help me break free from this pain that I feel

Give me the love that i've never felt

How can I survive with no love in my life?

How can I survive when i'm wanting to die?

Why can no one feel my pain?

Why doesn't anyone care?

Help me breathe

Help me live

Help me be who I really am

I don't want to feel this hurt anymore

I don't want this stake in my chest

Help me..........



Jasmine @ Heart in Formation said...

Thanks for sharing this.. you are a beloved treasure and Warrior. The pain suffered by you and others is too much to bear, yet you stand and Thrive and Press On to help free others. Im in Awe.
This was my reaction to reading a real story of #CSA.
"Why I Cut Down my Grapevine"

Anonymous said...

I can feel your pain


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