Friday, 21 September 2012

The Phoenix Post - Ordinary people power at it’s very best @ThePhoenixPost #childabuse #advocates

Ordinary people with extraordinary insight professionally delivered. Awarded victim’s advocates, respected amongst their peers as groundbreaking advocacy pioneers who work on the very cutting edge of the child and public protection fields, international bestselling authors, successful campaigners, inspirational public speakers and trusted social commentators - Shy Keenan & Dr Sara Payne MBE

The Phoenix aims.

1 - Build a safe online platform for the victim’s voice.
2 - Protect that voice from sabotage.
3 - Build a trusted voice that gets heard and included where it matters.
4 - Use that voice to educate away the Anti-Victim Prejudice and more positively represent those victimised by paedophiles crimes – otherwise know to us as the amazing Phoenix community.


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