Monday, 3 November 2014

Back to my roots ~ Male Survivor Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

I wish to make an apology. I've been guilty of neglecting this blog for some time. I have been busy working on a book project with a good friend who is a therapist from Canada. On top of this some life changes have meant I have had less time to myself.

The new book is to be a self help guide for both male and female survivors of abuse. It comes from an unique (I believe) viewpoint of being written by both therapist and survivor, from two different countries and one being female, the other male. The book will offer an alternative viewpoint with regards moving forward and away from the ghosts of the past. It will teach that "recovery" is possible for everybody, that you can learn to love yourself and respect yourself, that not only is there life after disclosure but a good and rewarding one.

With luck it will be published in 2015.

In the meantime I want to get this blog back up and running as an active resource for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I am not promising daily updates as I previously used to do, but a minimum of four a month should be manageable,

As before, I am more than happy to have guest bloggers who want to share their experiences, their journeys and advice as well as from survivor support groups etc.

Please contact me via this blog if you would like to contribute.

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