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The Mystery in History #ChildAbuse #Recovery

It's been a mad few weeks. My book was published much earlier than I expected it to be. On the whole I am happy as it came out a week before "Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month" started in the U.S. If you have read my book I would really appreciate you leaving feedback on the Amazon or AuthorHouse websites. I am working on two new books and your comments will help me shape my current projects. The same applies to this blog. Your comments are a great help to me, in many ways.

I found releasing this book to be very uplifting. Getting my writing "out there" in print and eBook will hopefully increase awareness and help others too. It has helped me also. More memories have come out of the fog of history and though painful, they are being dealt with.

I would like to remind you that we should be vigilant and aware of the subject of child abuse all year not just during April. Much much more needs to be done on a global scale to bring education and awareness. Victims of this heinous crime need to feel able to speak up and get the support they need.

Our Governments need to act. So much money is being spent on warfare & fighting terrorism for example. What about the war and terrorism going on in our own homes? Children suffer and die every day because of child abuse in all it's forms. More money is being spent in the U.K on the phone hacking scandal than on Child Abuse prevention or awareness...

Last Friday I listened in to Dreamcatchers for Abused Children hosted by my friend Tricia McKnight with her special guest Andy Hudson. Please have a listen, to this show.Many others are available in the archives.

I'd like to thank those of you who follow me on Twitter for your support there and for the ReTweets and Mentions. Together we are increasing awareness!

Going back to my comment above re. new memories. I had hoped by the end of last year that I had finished discovering the mysteries of my past. More events have come to light and others have been clarified in my head. Never doubt your memories. Your brain will let these through when you are ready to handle them. Hindsight is a wonderful thing... Looking back over my life I understand much better now how those events in my childhood shaped me and pushed me on the roads I took.

I was not to blame and I am not the guilty party.

I was a toddler when the abuse started, barely walking. Even as a teenager when I flaunted myself in front of the grandfather I was not to blame. I was still a kid. I had been groomed and taught ways to behave. Though at the time I might have thought I was showing him something he could not have, I was still doing exactly what he wanted. He was the one with the guilt, he was the one doing wrong. Not me.

I would like to encourage male survivors to use the link to the right to share something about themselves(Male Survivors - Your Space). Not only is it often therapeutic to share but it could help others who visit this blog.

If you want to write to me privately then please feel free. I class all emails as strictly private unless the sender states otherwise. My email is on the top left of my blog.

If enough of us stand together and raise our voices we will be heard. There are too many lives being lost due to child abuse. Not only young lives, but also those who are unable to cope with the pain they feel in later life. If anyone has statistics regarding the numbers of abuse related suicides please email me as I would like to publish them on this blog.

To those of you still living in the shadows I say this. Please understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are not to blame for what happened TO you. If you think that you could/should have been able to stop it, then remember you were a child. The guilt and the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the abusers and those who support them (directly or indirectly). Please step forward, speak to someone, seek out a therapist or support group. You will not be blamed for what happened to you and if someone tries to blame you then they are not worth knowing.

There are more victims of abuse than there are abusers. There is strength in numbers.. It's time to take away the power these vile creatures have and to campaign for better awareness, longer prison sentences and efficient deterrents.

Together we can make child abuse a rare crime and not the everyday occurrence it is now.

Doing nothing about it is tantamount to acceptance.

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Malakai Paul sings "Listen" on Britains Got Talent

I just HAD to share this.


BEFORE you do any thing else.....remember to and and out....
In almost any situation, trying to come to terms with your abusive history may leave you suffering from what is known as flashbacks.
These occur as conscious or unconscious images and thoughts, resulting from part of the central core of your memory of the abuse.
They can appear as vague recurrent body sensations for which you may have no conscious memory, and the sensations and memories occur when triggered by either internal or external circumstances, evoking the original trauma.
Example: A survivor whose abuse included posing for pornographic pictures may experience a flashback by the appearance of a camera.
A survivor left alone for long periods of time after being abused may flashback to when they feel isolated or lonely.
In many cases, the more often a trauma has been repeated, the more intrusive its nature, the deeper and stronger the survivor's memory of the event.
If a trigger occurs recalling previous abusive events, a chain of associations occurs, often unconsciously and you re-experience the abusive incidents.
This re-experience creates a blurring between past and present; in that you unconsciously withdraw from the present, projecting past memories and feelings onto the "here-and-now".
Repressed memories also return as flashbacks; emerging in the form of nightmares, and you have dreams that explicitly recall your abuse or recurrent nightmares of being pursued that symbolically evoke themes of abuse.
So, after all that’s a well tried, successful version on how to tackle those flashbacks, and regain control of your life, please give it a try.
The rest of this article can be found HERE 

All rights to this post belong to AMSOSA. Please do not copy without their permission.

Walk With Me #Poetry #Poem

Walk with me, where valleys rise to touch the heavens,
Where gentle streams become a stampede of white horses,
Tumbling and crashing over craggy rocks and falls.
Where love is kind and the grass always greenest.

Walk with me, take my hand, open your eyes and see,
The beauty of a sunrise, the sorrow in a sunset,
Embrace me as day melts into all encompassing night,
Watch stars shoot across the blackened blueness.

Walk with me, and when your legs tire I'll carry you,
Together we will take this journey, explore each mystery,
No stone unturned, no path untravelled, Walls will crumble,
Courage in unity, two souls, together as one.

Walk with me, through this life, we will not fail,
When our summer years turn to autumn, then winter,
Though the burning light of life fades to darkness,
Walk with me, from light to shadow, and forever beyond.

Inspired by Lady Emily

Friday, 27 April 2012

Guest Post - Dedicated to Greece and to Love via @Scent_of_Roses

This week I would like to introduce you to one of the first people to follow me on Twitter.

Despoina (Debbie) Theodoridou has become a firm online friend and is a lady filled with music, passion and certainly has the heart of a poet. She has just had her first childrens book published which I'm sure will become a best seller!

You can find her on Twitter as @Scent_of_Roses

I grew up surrounded by genuine love.

Though my parents were poor, humor, love and laughter was a daily attitude in my family. I inherited the humor and the passion of my father; the logic, the love for music and writing and the courage, from my mother. I believe that love is the most precious gift in life. Love exists, love is real, love is immortal. It is love that adorns our life with its special flavor and its precious meaning. Thus my life has one certain purpose: "I live to love." - Despoina Theodoridou, Pianist/Writer/ Lyricist

Bio: Despoina Theodoridou was born and brought up in Thessaloniki- Greece. She is a Pianist, published Writer and Lyricist. Since the age of 4, she has expressed a genuine love and interest towards music. At the age of 9 she took her first Piano lessons. Since 2009 she has been writing Stories for Children, which intend to inculcate in children moral values and good manners. Apart from that, she’s also a playwright and has written comical screenplays, which mainly consist in parodies based on classic fairy tales, combined with references to the problems of the modern society. In addition, she has completed her first Poetry collection, which is going to get published in the near future. In her free time she also writes Lyrics for pop/rock music. She lives in Thessaloniki-Greece, currently working as a Piano teacher.

Despoina Theodoridou Pianist/Published Writer/ Lyricist

My childrens book, "Lola, the lonely doctor" now available at:

"Lola, the lonely doctor"
Every living being on this planet
is unique and gifted in its own way,
with its own abilities. This is why we
must never underestimate or despise
anyone. A little skunk, through her
generous love, gives a good lesson
to her friendly surrounding!

My poetry blog:

*Dedicated to Greece*
Poem by: ΔΕΣΠΟΙΝΑ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΙΔΟΥ DespoinaTheodoridou
Με ξεσκισμένο τον χιτώνα σου,
With your Chiton ripped;
έρημη και προδομένη,
Desolate and betrayed
Τρικλίζεις στα σκοτεινά σοκάκια του Χειμώνα
You stagger into the darken alleys of the winter
Τα πόδια σου ματώσανε χωρίς σανδάλια
Your feet, blooded, without sandals
Τα βήματα σου, μάταια, πάνω σε αγκάθινα κοράλλια
Your footsteps, futile, over thorny corals;
Και γύρω σου τα άμοιρα παιδιά σου
and all around you, your unfortunate children,
Λιπόθυμα, στο έλεος του τυφώνα,
collapsed, at the mercy of the typhoon;
Δακρυγόνοι ικέτες της άμοιρης
lachrymose entreaters of the misfortune
Κόρης του Ήλιου.
Daughter of the Sun.
Μνηστήρες ήρθανε και ‘φύγαν
Pretenders came and left
Στολίζοντάς σε με υποσχέσεις
adorning you with promises
Βγαλμένες απ’ την κοιλιά της Χάρυβδης
delivered out of the potbelly of Charybdis
Σε βάφτισαν στ’ όνομα της Ειρήνης
They baptized you in the name of Peace
Μα σε ντύσανε με τα ερείπια του πολέμου.
But they robed you with the remains of War.
Σε πρόδωσαν, σε λεηλάτησαν και σε ταπείνωσαν
They betrayed you, pillaged and humiliated you.
Κανένας δεν αγάπησε
No one loved
Τον πλούτο που βαστάς στα χέρια σου
the wealth that you’re carrying in your hands;
Την αρετή που φέρεις στην ψυχή σου
the Virtue that you’re holding in your soul.
Μα τα παιδιά σου δίψασαν
But your children are, now, thirsty
Για το γλυκό νερό της δικαιοσύνης
for the sweet water of justice.
Οι ψίθυροί τους γίνανε λυγμοί
And their whispers became sobs;
Κι ο κάθε λυγμός, τώρα, σπαράζει
And each sob, now, convulses
Όμοιος με κραυγή!
Resemble to a shout!
Κραδαίνοντας το Κότινο στα χέρια
Brandishing Kotinos in their hands
Βήμα το βήμα πήρανε τους δρόμους
Step after step, they took the way
Να κατακτήσουνε ξανά , με τόλμη και πυγμή
to conquer, once again, with boldness and fortitude
Το καταγάλανο ουρανό
The azure sky
που δίκαια τους ανήκει.
That fairly they own.

© Copyright 2011 Despoina Theodoridou ΧΙΤΩΝ/CHITON All Rights Reserved.

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Thank You For Being A Friend

Male Survivors - Changing Societies Attitudes #ChildAbuse #Rape

A common misconception held by many people is that men cannot be "victims" of sexual abuse. It is often believed that if an adult or teenage male is sexually assaulted he must have consented to the act. It then follows that if the male consented he must be gay or bi-sexual. Add to this the again mistaken belief that males cannot become erect or ejaculate without consent or enjoyment and you have a powerful and pervasive belief system in place which forces most male survivors of sexual assault to remain silent. Many beleive that if a man is abused or raped it makes the victim homosexual. What absolute rubbish!

Sexuality is complex. It is not a choice. It is not forced upon you.

I do believe that sexual abuse and rape might cause confusion in the victim, BUT, only because of the way society views different stereotypes. Society and bad education has a great deal to answer for. "Real" men cannot be abused or raped... Again a misleading, confusing and totally incorrect statement. Firstly define a "real" man? It is what society deems it to be. Unless we change our attitudes, educate ourselves to the truth, millions of men will remain silent.

I don't give a monkeys if you are straight, gay or bi-sexual. You are human. If you are a victim of childhood or adult sexual abuse/assault you should not be judged or labelled because of it.

Being a VICTIM does not define what or who you are, sexually or otherwise.

Growing up I had massive confusion over who or what I was. I was taught that boys don't cry, that they must be strong and silent. Boys don't play with girls, they must play with other boys. Sports and fishing and cars (stereotypical boy/man hood activities) were supposed to be my interests.. I enjoyed some sports yes, but health problems prevented me from doing many. I enjoyed the company of any friend.. I didn't have many, I didn't mix well. Recently I remembered the Grandfather encouraging me to play "Doctor/Patient" with other boys. He always made me be the patient. I spent much of my childhood alone. I was robbed of a "normal" upbringing and have few happy memories. I was a loner whenever possible. It hurt less that way.

I grew up frightened, confused and alone.

The way that we have been created leads to stereotypical expectations. The female is "supposed" to be the home maker, the "weaker" sex (I don't agree) and the man the hunter gatherer. The male is not supposed to cry or get emotional. Showing one's feelings, showing that we might be scared is a huge no no.

Society has created a belief system that is damaging and prevents so many from being able to stand up and ask for help.

These myths and stereotypes silence victims. So many men have commited suicide because they cannot face what happened to them and feel unable to ask for help. So many men live unhappy, unfulfilled lives because they don't want the finger pointed at them.

Isn't it time that these stereotypes and myths were put where they belong? In the rubbish/trash and destroyed forever.

Until society changes it's attitudes generally then millions will go on suffering in silence.

I often say on this blog "Come on guys! Stand up and be counted! There's no shame in being the victim!" This is totally true. What is just as important that we work to change the attitudes of those around us.

Our Governments need to wake up to the truth about sexual abuse. Money needs to be spent educating the masses. "We" have to educate the masses.

At the moment the paedophiles and rapists are the winners. The curtain of silence is keeping them safe. The fear of societies expectations is keeping the victims silent.

It's time to rip down that curtain and to turn the tables on the evil scum that continue abusing, feeling safe because society has made them feel safe. Knowledge is power. We have the knowledge so it's time we took the power away from the paedophiles and rapists.

Punishment must be made much much harsher. A real "deterent" not a slap on the wrist or a short prison stay. The abusers took our lives and ruined them. Life should mean life. Let them rot in prisons.

We can make a difference. Together, united in our common aim. We have to.

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Saint George was Turkish...

Who was St George?

St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George's emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century. The king's soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle.

Saint George is popularly identified with England and English ideals of honour, bravery and gallantry, but actually he wasn’t English at all. Very little is known about the man who became St George.

Quick Facts about St George

Born in Turkey (in Cappadocia)
Lived in 3rd century
His parents were Christian
Became a Roman soldier
Protested against Rome's persecution of Christians
Imprisoned and tortured, but stayed true to his faith
Beheaded at Lydda in Palestine

St. George is believed to have been born in Cappadocia (now Eastern Turkey) in the year A.D. 270. He was a Christian. At the age of seventeen he joined the Roman army and soon became renowned for his bravery. He served under a pagan Emperor but never forgot his Christian faith.

When the pagan Emperor Diocletian started persecuting Christians, St. George pleaded with the Emperor to spare their lives. However, St. George's pleas fell on deaf ears and it is thought that the Emperor Diocletian tried to make St. George deny his faith in Christ, by torturing him. St George showed incredible courage and faith and was finally beheaded near Lydda in Palestine on 23 April, 303.

In 1222, the Council of Oxford declared April 23 to be St George’s Day and he replaced St Edmund the Martyr as England’s patron saint in the 14th century. In 1415, April 23 was made a national feast day.

Patron Saint

St George is patron saint not only of England but also of Aragon, Catalonia, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, and Russia, as well as the cities of Amersfoort, Beirut, Bteghrine, Cáceres, Ferrara, Freiburg, Genoa, Ljubljana, Gozo, Pomorie, Qormi, Lod and Moscow.

St George is also patron saint of scouts, soldiers, archers, cavalry and chivalry, farmers and field workers, riders and saddlers, and he helps those suffering from leprosy, plague and syphilis.

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StopChildAbuse with @Helpspreadthis & @Childhelp

More than 5 children die a day from abuse in the United States alone. If you care enough, you can save lives. Help us #StopChildAbuse! Start by donating 1 tweet per day to bring awareness to the child abuse epidemic that MUST stop. If we don’t intervene – our tiny victims either die or many grow up and continue the horrible cycle of abuse . Too many kids, too much pain!



Please FOLLOW @HelpSpreadThis on Twitter and like the FaceBook page!

Please FOLLOW @ChildHelp on Twitter and visit the website.

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Musical Moment - In My Room #Video

Procrastination & Survivors #Amsosa #ChildAbuse #Recovery

How many times have you asked yourself the question "Why can't I just get on and DO it?"

You find something more interesting to do or stare at a blank sheet of paper … You ask yourself the question again, only to come up with no answer at all, so next time you find yourself avoidng doing anything, sit down and examine what the issues are that make you do this.

In other words, don't delay it and start working on the issues now!

Procrastination is a common issue and can prevent you getting started, getting finished or often you're stuck somewhere in between, and it can be very frustrating.

If you keep stoping to ask yourself the question: "Why can't I just get on and DO it?", it can help to get to the root of the problem, and help you get "unstuck".

So let's break the question into managable sections:

What is it that is holding me back?

As with any issue you might have, we need to look carefully at the feelings that arise when thinking about the issue. Are you afraid that you might fail, or perhaps even afraid that you might succeed?

Am I in the wrong frame of mind to start (or finish) this task?

Are you feeling de-motivated by it or bored at the prospect of having to do it? Is it the 'wrong' time? Do you feel you aren't able to do the job; lacking enough experience or information to do it properly?

Do I feel inadequate in myself?

Do you lack the self-belief and self-confidence to do the job?

Am I clear about the tasks?

Perhaps you can't see the bigger picture and how this particular task fits in with your overall desired outcome. Perhaps you are bogged down by planning: You think, you plan, you make notes, but you don't actually know what to do.

Are my priorities clear?

Are you mixing up important issues with urgent ones and setting your priorities in the wrong place? Are you doing lots of other tasks but failing to do what you really should be doing at this moment?

Here is an exercise for you do, so get some paper and DO IT!

Consider each of the questions above, namely, WHY CAN'T I DO IT and brainstorm the reasons why you are procrastinating. Think about both the practical reasons and how you feel about doing this task.

Once you have written down all your reasons, identify any visible blockers that come up, often hidden in words, such as "can't", "won't', "not enough time", "later", etc. These are resources, information that you need to gather from other people, research that you need to do, and so on. All these are things that you need to action promptly or they'll keep on stalling you. Choose one that you're going to action today - you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that's one step in the right direction.

The other reasons for procrastination are about mindset and your approach to the task or project. So how do we deal with these?

There are lots of reasons why you might be procrastinating, so once you've challenegd the visible blockers, it's all about making sure you have the right mindset and approach. So let's looks at some of the ways achieve this:

Sometimes, we feel we've bitten off more than we can chew. And one of the most effective ways to get over that feeling is to do something (anything really!) just to get things going. Choose something that you know you can achieve, and do it, congratulate yourself and then move on to the next task.

Often we put things off because we don't have a clear 'vision' of what we want our final outcome to be. When your goal is fuzzy, this impacts your energy levels, your motivation and naturally your output.

You need to be very clear about what it is you want to achieve and how this will benefit you. Once you have established a positive base, you then have more leverage to incite yourself into action. If you know how something is going to be of benefit to you, you're more likely to do it.

We all need deadlines! If you don't have a specific end point in mind, you're far less likely to achieve it. So be very clear on when a particular task needs to be done by, and then work backwards from that date, identifying smaller steps leading ultimately to the main goal.

Rather than being sidetracked by lots of perceived 'urgent' issues, remember that it is the important tasks which get you closer to your goal. When you organize work so you meet all your deadlines, you become more efficient, and therefore accomplish a lot more. You will also probably be calmer and easier to be around, because you're not bouncing from one crisis to another. And this means that you will be better able to deal with truly urgent situations as they arise.

Each of us has a unique body clock and concentration curve. By matching your task to the right time of day, and how you are feeling, you can have a big impact on your effectiveness. Choose to deal with the most demanding tasks when your natural energy is at its highest, and you will get more done in less time. If you think most creatively and concisely first thing in the morning, plan your creative tasks accordingly.

Very importantly too, after achieving each major step towards your goal, take time to acknowledge yourself, congratulate yourself, for having done so. You would do that for a good friend or colleague, so why not do it for yourself? It's motivating; it makes you feel good about yourself.

And when you believe that you can actually do it, and that you want to do it, you'll have banished procrastination, once and for all!

Before anyone says anything..there is a good part to procrastination, as long as its healthy, such as taking care of yourself and not allowing others to take advantage of you. In fact, used wisely, healthy procrastination is good for you, perhaps reeading a favourite book, watching a funny movie or just taking some ME time away from everyone else.

All rights to this article belong to Amsosa UK

Please do not copy or use without their permission.

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Music Of The Night

Trees dance gracefully to the symphony of the wind.
They sway gently while lightening highlights the sky.
The air is warm and humidity high
And thunder rolls in background tempo.
The songs of the night unify the sweet melody;
They unify and tie the piece together.
This beautiful song brings such a calm deep within
Yet it makes me tremble as joy sweeps over me.
I sit in my chair watching,listening,alone.
The music brings images of my life story to mind.
As I become hypnotized to the rhythm and flow
It is all so sobering and beautiful.
The images become more vivid. The music more angry.
The music within me, that I am, accompanies the orchestration.
I think about the many places I've been to.
I see the empty eyes of strangers as life marches by.
The music crests, emotion peaks, images nearly real.
Inside is a tossed salad of different feelings.
Good, sad, excited, angry, ashamed, and alone.
Sometimes I feel as though I'm almost at lifes end.

August 2011

Heart weeping by the sea

First time that you landed
When all the stars shone
You gazed into my eyes
Two hearts became as one
Then again you landed
Upon the white sandy shore
My heart you cast aside
Your heart wanted no more
The last time you landed
Your heart was finally gone
My knees sunk on the sand
The stars no longer shone
For no more will she land
To share her heart with me
I now walk the lonely sand
Heart weeping by the sea


I forget so many things, lose time, lose me.
So many things I have been told I did
It wasn't, couldn't have been me.

I am so tired, though I sleep
I dream being awake, real dreams
Nightmares sometimes though.

I see places I know, but have never been
I see faces I know but have never met
I see me, but don't know who I am.

Deja vu scares me, as does my reticence to share
So few I can trust, yet there are those,
Who I know, have known forever, but never met yet.

In my life I have met, less than 5 whom I know
And knew before. As I step towards tomorrow I see,
Strangely some new ones, waiting for me.

If I seem too familiar, to happy to share,
Just remember that you have always been there
Though you have never seen me before.

Now I have seen, where my future path leads,
It is with another, who suffered like me,
Together, new memories we'll share.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The effect of Rape & Sexual Abuse on the Male Survivor #amsosa

Slowly but surely, the common myth held that sexual abuse/rape happens to women only is fading, but when a man is sexually assaulted or raped, and grows up believing that myth, he feels even more isolated and alone. This page tackles some of the issues that are rarely talked about, yet have a huge impact on almost all male survivors, and if left unsaid and sorted out, can stop them from recovering fully, leaving a residue of bad feelings and fears behind. Some of the things that can trigger you off and leave you feeling as if you're back at the point of being abused are as followsThe smell of others, especially aftershave or other body smells, can cause you to flashback and trigger bad memories Many male survivors state that when having sex with a partner, that they feel dirty, and unclean once they have reached ejaculation, and this is connected to the sight, feel and sensation of seeing their semen, which reminds them of being abused, and that alone can ruin any sexual relationships they may have. You may also feel wrong, bad and dirty, so will need to bathe often, usually after having sex with partners, and if masturbating, will only do so as a function, not for pleasure, because the sensation and good feelings have been taken away and you're left feeling dirty and 'wrong' again. There's also the fact that you can get obsessed with wanking, not just once a day, but several times a day, which can increase when you feel stressed, lonely, screwed up, etc. Many male survivors hide behind the fact that they remain non sexual, and in doing so, are not seen as being sexual beingsOthers eat, drink, misuse drugs to stop people getting too close to them.By taking on the work thats needed, you can remove the ghosts of the past and can regain control of your life

Male Survivors share many of the same feelings of female sexual assault survivors. Common feelings such as; BEING IN YOUR BODY * Do you feel at home in your body?* Do you feel comfortable expressing yourself sexually with another?* Do you feel that you are a part of your body or does your body feel like a separate entity?* Have you ever intentionally and physically hurt yourself?* Do you find it difficult to listen to your body? EMOTIONS * Do you feel out of control of your feelings?* Do you feel you sometimes don't understand all the feelings you are experiencing?* Are you overwhelmed by the wide range of feelings you have? RELATIONSHIPS * What's your expectations of your partner in a relationship?* Find it too easy to trust others?* Find it too hard to trust anyone?* Find it difficult in making commitments?* Still feel alone, even though in a relationship?* Is it hard for you to allow others to get close to you?* Are you in a relationship with some-one who remind's you of the abuse, or who is no good for you? SELF-CONFIDENCE * Do you find it difficult to love yourself?* Do you have a hard time accepting yourself?* Are you ashamed of yourself?* Do you have expectations of yourself that aren't realistic? SEXUALITY * Do you enjoy sex, really enjoy it?* Do you find it difficult to express yourself sexually?* Do you find yourself using sex to get close to someone?* End up having sex because it's expected of you?* Does sex make you feel dirty?* Are you "present" during sex? MAJOR SEXUAL SYMPTOMS OF SEXUAL ABUSE 1. Difficulties in becoming aroused and feeling sensations2. Sex feels like an obligation3. Sexual thoughts and images that are disturbing4. Inappropriate sexual behaviors or sexual compulsivity5. Inability to achieve orgasm or other orgasmic difficulties6. Erection problems or ejaculatory difficulty7. Feeling dissociated while having sex8. Detachment or emotional distance while having sex9. Being afraid of sex or avoiding sex10. Guilt, fear, anger, disgust or other negative feelings when being touched


Listed below are some of the current effects that sexual abuse, and after-effects it has upon a male Survivor.

Nightmares, (Intense, violent, sexual) - A real fear that everyone is a potential attacker.Intense shame. - Intense anger. - Intense guilt. - Fear in expressing anger/difficulties in being angry.A need to be in control. - A need to pretend they are not in control.A fear of being seen/fear of exposure.- Running away from people/situations.A fear of intimacy. - "Avoidism". - Memories of physical pain. - Intense sexual flashbacks.Intruding thoughts. - Sexual dysfunction. - Asexual feelings. - Feeling unreal. - Self doubt. - Jealousy. - Envy.Sexual acting out. - Fear of men. - Fear of women. - Fear of speaking out. - Inability to relax.Disconnection with feelings. - Feeling alone. - Poor choice of partners. - "Out of body" experiences.Linking abuse to love. - Keeping secrets. - Forgetting childhood experiences. - Detached from reality.Inability to comfort their children. - Feeling inadequate. - Unable to accept compliments. - Low self esteem.Isolation. - Addictions/crime. - No emotions. - Fear of others motives. - Inability to say no. - Fear of rules.


  • Disbelief and/or Denial: Did it really happen? Why me? Maybe I just imagined it. It wasn't really abusive.

  • Embarrassment: What will people think? I can't tell my family or friends.

  • Shame or Guilt: Feeling as if it's your fault, or you should've been able to stop it. If only you had...

  • Depression: How are you going to get through the day. Feeling so tired! It feels so hopeless.

  • Powerlessness: Will you ever feel in control again?

  • Disorientation: You don't even know what day it is. You keep forgetting things.

  • Flashbacks: Re-living the assault! Keep seeing and feeling like it's happening again.

  • Fear: Scared of everything. Can't sleep, Having nightmares. Afraid to go out. Afraid to be alone.

  • Anxiety: Panic attacks. Can't breathe! Can't stop shaking. Feeling overwhelmed.

  • Anger: Feel like hurting the person who attacked you!

  • Physical Stress: Stomach (or head or back) aches all the time. Feeling jittery and don't feel like eating.


    There is great denial of the fact that men are sexually abused. Other than in prisons, most of us don't ever hear about the topic of male sexual abuse. The need to deny is often deeply rooted in the mistaken belief that men are immune to being victimised, that they should be able to fight off any attacker if they are truly a "real man." Another related 'belief' is that men can't be forced into sex. These mistaken beliefs allow many men to feel safe and invulnerable, and to think of sexual abuse as something that only happens to women. Unfortunately, these beliefs also increase the pain that is felt by a male survivor of sexual abuse. These 'beliefs' leave the male survivor feeling isolated and ashamed.Below are some of the unique problems and concerns that male survivors do experience:For most men the idea of being a victim is extremely hard to handle. Boys are raised to believe that they should be able to defend themselves against all odds, or that he should be willing to risk his life or severe injury to protect his pride and self-respect.How many movies or TV shows depict the hero prepared to fight a group of huge guys over an insult or name-calling? Surely then, men are supposed to fight to the death over something like unwanted sexual advances...right?These beliefs about "manliness" and "masculinity" are deeply ingrained in many men and lead to intense feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy for the male survivor of sexual abuse.Some male survivors even question whether they deserved to be sexually abused because, as they think that they failed to defend themselves. Male survivors see their assault as a loss of manhood and feel disgusted with themselves for not "fighting back." These feelings are normal but the thoughts attached to them are not true. Remind yourself that you did what seemed best at the time to survive--there's nothing un-masculine about that."As a result of guilt, shame or anger some men may punish themselves by exhibiting self-destructive behaviour after being sexually abused. For some men, this means increased alcohol or drug use.For others, it means increased aggressiveness, like arguing with friends or co-workers or even picking fights with strangers. Some men pull back from relationships and wind up feeling more and more isolated.Male survivors may also develop sexual difficulties after being sexually abused. It may be difficult to resume sexual relationships or start new ones because sexual contact may trigger flashbacks, memories of the abuse, or just plain bad feelings. It can take time, so don't pressure yourself to be sexual before you're ready.For heterosexual men, sexual abuse almost always causes some confusion or questioning about their sexuality. Since many believe that only gay men are sexually abused, a heterosexual survivor may believe that he must be gay or that he will become gay. Furthermore, abusers often accuse their victims of enjoying the sexual abuse, leading some survivors to question their own experiences.Being sexually abused has nothing to do with sexual orientation, past, present or future. People do not "become gay" as a result of being sexually abused.However, there are certain issues that are different for men:

  • Concerns about sexuality and/or masculinity

  • Medical procedures

  • Reporting crime to law enforcement agencies

  • Telling others

  • Finding resources and support No matter what is said or done, no one "asks for" or deserves to be assaulted.Sexual abuse/rape is nothing to do with someone's present or future sexual orientation.Sexual abuse comes from violence and power, nothing less.Unfortunately, the health profession are reluctant to recognise that men can be sexually assaulted.This also includes the Police Forces, though that is slowly improving at lastThis attitude, combined with ignorance affects the way they treat men who have been raped/sexually abused, often using a stereotyped view of masculinity, rather than focus on the physical assault, the crime becomes the focus of the medical exam or police investigation.


  • Recognise that men and boys can and are sexually assaulted.

  • Be aware of the biases and myths concerning sexual abuse.

  • Recognise that stereotypes create narrow definitions of masculinity, and make it even harder for male survivors to disclose their rape/abuse.

  • As individuals and as a community, that we work harder to combat and challenge those attitudes.

  • It is important that male rape survivors have support, and are allowed to make their own decisions about what course of action to take. All too often, they feel forced to make statements or act against their abusers, without having had the time and space to think it through.I never advocate they prosecute their abusers, I suggest they perhaps begin their personal journey to recover from the traumas they are left with.


    It doesn't have to be this way though, you can overcome the issues listed and can recover. Just in case you need a reminder;

  • Men of all ages, and backgrounds are subjected to sexual assaults and rape.

  • Offenders are heterosexual in 98% of the cases.

  • Both heterosexual and homosexual men get raped.

  • Rape occurs in all parts of society.

  • Men are less likely to report being raped.


    The belief that the male population is the stronger sex, especially when it comes to sex, is deeply ingrained, believed, and supported within our culture, but not all men and boys are physically or emotionally strong, which explains why there are male "victims" of sexual abuse/rape. Male child sexual abuse is perpetrated by both men and women, of any sexual persuasion, with no regard towards the "victims" sexuality or safety.It holds scant regard for who we are, and is about gaining power and control over the "victim".As children, we are placed in the care of our parents/guardians, family, family friends, schools, and more often than not, sometimes strangers.The 'Danger Stranger' campaign focused on the danger of strangers, with the intent of scaring children into not trusting strangers, but plainly ignored the fact that parents, siblings, family members, and those other "nice people" especially those people known as the "Pillars of Society", are much more likely to sexual abuse children.As a result of our sexual abuse, we grow up with many mistaken beliefs, and many Survivors have fallen into a myriad of roles that include alcoholism, crime, depression, self harming, people pleasing, hardworking, etc.But, far from being powerless, we have drawn upon considerable reserves of inner strength to deal with, adjust and cope with the invasion of our bodies and minds.Our previous actions in dealing with life may not have been what we wanted to do, and may have caused more pain on the way, but surely we have arrived at a time when we all need to face our past, forgive OUR actions, and move away from the guilt, shame and fear that has haunted us for so long.This possibly took many forms, but is something that we all need to forgive ourselves for, as long we don’t intend to ‘return there’.Some thoughts to have plagued male survivors have been“Perhaps I was to blame”“I should have told someone”“I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time”“I deserved it”“Maybe I gave out the wrong signals”“Maybe I’m gay”………,What we don’t want to hear is pity, or told “how awful” “so sad”, “poor little boy” as that concept is dis-empowering and perpetuates pity for the ‘victim’ and we are then seen as “not quite right”.We are OK, we are capable of living our lives, and we are more than capable of overcoming the traumas that our abuser(s) left behind.I subscribe to the belief that in order to heal fully you have to face your abusive past, however difficult that may be, but in doing so, you can move on emotionally, forgive your actions, find inner peace, and be the person you want to be, not who 'they' wanted you to be.Please break the silence and demand the right to be recognised!If you want to join, we will support you in your struggle, be 'here' for you when you need us, and help you understand who you are, and what you want to be.The next step is from victim, to SURVIVOR, which is possible. It's not easy, and involves you telling someone else all those deep hidden secrets, but once started, DON’T STOP!
  • All rights to this article belong to Amsosa UK. Please do not copy without their permission.

    A Broken Heart

    It begins

    early on


    before we are born

    forced into the world

    it begins

    with the feeding

    of expectations

    the brutalness

    of reality

    and it continues

    with the shattering of dreams

    and the destruction of hope

    Unkept promises


    broken eyes

    simple deceit

    mere betrayal


    ~ the unmistakable pain

    of a broken heart

    Tell me...

    Can you hear it?

    Saturday, 14 April 2012

    Break the Silence of Child Sexual Abuse - VOICETODAY

    PART 1

    Angela Williams is the founder of VOICE TODAY, an organization that is dedicated to breaking the cycle and silence of child sexual abuse. Angela is also the author of the book "From Sorrows To Sapphires"
    VOICE Today:

    PART 2

    Tom Scales is the author of "Terrible Things Happened To Me" and the Executive Director of Voice Today which is an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle and silence of child sexual abuse.
    VOICE Today:

    GUYS! - Childhood Sexual Abuse Video - It Was Not Your Fault

    Child Sexual Assault Awareness - VIDEO

    Friday, 13 April 2012

    The Mist of Time? Guest piece for @lessonsinbroken

    Recently I wrote a guest piece for my writer friend Dorian at Lessons In Brokeness. I would like to share it with you here now.

    Dorian can be found on Twitter as @lessonsinbroken

    Mist born into a morning

    Chilled and damp. Fresh.

    It was winter.

    Bare trees accused with their fingers

    Pointed, long and bony.

    A fleshless skeleton.

    The skies empty of bird song

    A few leaves skipped along the roadside,

    the only sound.

    Houses, desolate and emotionless

    but one. A new evictee.

    The shudder of a newly locked door

    Footsteps disappearing into the future.

    Never to be heard again.


    Me, myself and I

    We are three! Me myself and I, I know them and they know me
    An evolution from a lad corrupted, his mind ripped apart
    So we came to be. Once we were more, we had quite a party
    And created these lives, in us he continues to be.

    One was a bully, a loud mouth, a cad. His heart was protective
    Of the lad broken and mad. One was a charmer, clever as can be
    He'd get his own way, no matter the price. One was a sleaze ball
    No morals, no way. He'd do anything, anyone, any day.

    There once were some ladies, their place was to sew, the pieces
    Together of the lad you don't know. They also protected, both him
    And the rest, from men out to get them, it was a test. They left us
    Last summer, they'd had enough. They protected yes but couldnt sew.

    One is a gentle man, in word and in deed, he longs for a life
    That should have been. He is the canvas sewn with love and protection
    But the edges are frayed, and easily torn. He is the one we
    All must join, in creation of a man, whole, but nor perfection.

    Our goal is to live, together, as one, to look to the future
    To welcome the sun, to welcome the moon that lights up the night
    In peace together, no longer to fight. A new life created
    From pain and from shame, forgetting the past as we weren't to blame.

    Yes we are three, but soon with deliberation, We'll keep all the best
    And some of the not, to make a new man, to live life as one,
    Say goodbye Danny Boy, Zach and the other
    For the time has come, to let in big brother.

    August 2011

    Everything, For Always

    Hold me, like you will never let me go,
    Kiss me, take my breath and make it yours,
    Love me, with a force before not known,
    Take me, from the depths up to the heights,
    Protect me, as I will always be your protector,
    Enslave me, make me yours, never set me free,
    Devour me, make us as one upon this earth,
    Trust me, For I will never let you down,
    Desire me, I am all you will ever need,
    Be careful with me, I break easily.

    Where do I fit?

    I'm not used to your ways. This game you play with me.

    Is not to my understanding. What am I supposed to do?

    What role in your game, am I to play? Want to be a star. Not an

    understudy. I'm not a reserve. A last minute choice.

    What part do I play? Where do I fit?

    I'm not playing your games.

    Drop dead.


    Kathleen Freeman - Legacy For A Two Year Old

    This Fridays Guest is Kath. She can be found on twitter as @sheepfoldcarer or her blog

    Welcome Kath.

    Thank you to Jan for inviting me onto his blog, I appreciate being included in the outreach work he and others are doing.

    Two months before my second birthday my mother left me and my brothers and sister in the high street with a note. June 16th 1954. She never returned.

    My mother was fined £10 for neglect and abandonment. When I obtained my Social Services file, it told me a lot about my history and confirmed some things that I already knew.
 By the time I was two I had lost mother, father, brothers, sisters, home and for the rest of those forty years my identity.

    I was never to speak of who I was or where I came from, it was forbidden.
 This is my journey of discovery of myself of my story and memories I can only begin to own through the poems.

    I realised that by shutting these poems away, I was repeating what had been done to me, what had been forbidden me-that of having a voice.

    The poems I have chosen from my poetry blog 'Legacy for a Two Year Old' represent my journey of recovery of memories which continues to this day.

    I think these words explain: A core identity of shame, serves as a defence against full awareness of early traumatisation.

    I hope my poems speak about things I am not able to express explicitly.

    I wrote poem 7 The box under my head after my brother-who I met again in my late teens, sent me a photograph of his carer, I had lived with the same man after we where first abandoned (aged two), and then I was moved on.

    As soon as I pulled the photo from the envelope I went into a spin of panic and memories surfaced.

    the second poem Mothers, describes the effects of that broken bond.

    Poem 7

    The box under my head

    That old key you sent to me, in a large brown envelope.
    Infected with rust and covered in verdigris.
    It opened a box under my head.
    From which all manner of demons catapulted.
    These crazed whirling dervish memories.
    It seems fitting that she abandoned us, in the
    month of blood red poppies and stained memorials.
    While others dress in pretty summer frocks,
    I in my weeds play the fool, to make a pantomime.
    That they may laugh at my ancient griefs.

    Poem 22


    She who abandons, disrupts, disturbs. Sends me into a rage inside myself.
    Masked off by my rigid face set against you in anger.
    Hatred made impotent by sorrow, tear washed, soiled by shit and blood.
    Disgust warps it. The powerful aftermath all that remains from your body.
    The smell no longer real, its memory enough.
    Sadness, when I reach back to you long gone. Unheld in your arms.
    I cannot bear your touch, your skin, to look like you.
    I freeze with fear, hideous inside, collapsing like a stack of baby bricks.
    Falling at every human encounter, unfamiliar with social graces.
    Awkward as a child I fold; go over and over in my mind. . _
    How should I have behaved? Always wanting to ask was I okay?
    Did I do okay-say the right thing?
    What will they think of me?
    Who is mother?

    Tuesday, 10 April 2012

    Family Ties - Dylan Thomas #Poet #Playwright

    I have said much about family on this blog. Not all bad. Having researched my family tree a few years ago I "dug up" this pair. My maternal Grandmother remembered Dylan Thomas very well and she had photographs and keepsakes from him. Unfortunately when she became ill with dementia many of these went missing, were lost or destroyed. A photograph of her appears in the book Dylan Remembered: Vol. 1: 1914-1934. The family connection is fairly distant (My Great Great Grandmother was first cousin to Dylan Thomas) I am proud of the connection none the less.

    THOMAS , DYLAN MARLAIS ( 1914 - 1953 ), poet and prose writer ; b. 27 Oct. 1914 in Swansea , s. of David John Thomas and his wife Florence Hannah (née Williams ) who themselves came from rural, Welsh -speaking families in Cardiganshire , and Carmarthenshire . The father, a nephew of William Thomas ‘ Gwilym Marles ’ ( DWB , 973) , was from 1899 to 1936 English master at Swansea grammar school , which Dylan Thomas attended from 1925 to 1931 . That was his only period of formal education and was followed by some fifteen months as junior reporter on the South Wales Daily Post . His early interest in English poetry had already borne fruit in the four notebooks in which he entered his first mature poems between 1930 and 1933 . These notebooks were to be the major source of poems for his first three published volumes: 18 Poems ( London , 1934 ), Twenty-five poems ( London , 1936 ), and The map of love (short stories and poems) ( London , 1939 ). Publication of individual poems in London periodicals led to his first volume, and that in turn to his arrival in London in Nov. 1934 . During the 1930s his work received increasing American as well as British attention and brought invitations to review books for leading London periodicals. Alternation between literary-social life in London and periods of greater actual creativity in Wales was to remain the pattern throughout his career. A close friendship with the poet Vernon Watkins (see below) in Swansea started in 1935 .

    He met Caitlin Macnamara in 1936 and they were m. the following year. In May 1938 they moved for the first time to live in Laugharne, Carms. , the village now most intimately associated with his name, and a deep influence on his later work in verse and prose. He had been awarded the American Blumenthal Poetry Prize , and was writing the autobiographical short stories that were to be published as Portrait of the artist as a young dog ( London , 1940 ). The comic realism of these stories was in marked contrast to the macabre and surrealistic element in his earlier tales, which can be read in A Prospect of the sea ( London , 1955 ). Continuation of autobiographical material in the form of a novel remained unfinished, but was published as Adventures in the skin trade ( London , 1955 ). After the outbreak of World War II he started to write radio scripts for the B.B.C. and to take part in broadcast talks and readings . His popularity as a broadcaster remained to the end of his life, and the quality of his work for radio is reflected in the volume Quite early one morning ( London , 1954 ). From 1942 to the end of the war he was employed as a script-writer for Strand Films in London . An example of his work in this medium is The Doctor and the devils ( London , 1953 ).

    The period of war had interrupted his writing of poetry, though towards the end of the war Wales became increasingly his major home. At Llangain and New Quay in 1944-45 a new period of poetic creativity started, the most productive since the early days in Swansea , leading to the publication of Deaths and entrances ( London , 1946 ). At the end of the war, however, he also started to show interest in visiting America , and the need to earn a living (mainly through work for films and radio ) meant having to be within reach of London . From 1946 to 1949 therefore the poet and his family lived in or near Oxford . He visited Prague in 1949 as guest of the Czechoslovakian government .

    He moved to live in the ‘ Boat House ’ at Laugharne in May 1949 , where his third child was born, and where Thomas hoped to establish a permanent home, helped possibly by visits to America where his reputation as a poet was now firm. The first of these visits was in Feb.-June 1950 and was followed by three more in 1952 and 1953 . The individual work which occupied most of his time from 1950 onwards was the radio play Under Milk Wood ( London , 1954 ), the main inspiration for which were the atmosphere and inhabitants of Laugharne itself. During the second American tour his last individual volume of poems was published, in America only, as In country sleep ( New York , 1952 ). This completed the range of volumes that were to make up his Collected poems 1934-1952 ( London , 1952 ) and which won the award of the Foyle's Poetry Prize . The complications of heavy drinking and irresponsibility with money meant, however, that not even the profitable American visits were to remove the financial and personal insecurity which made the poet less and less productive of new work at home. He d. in New York on 9 Nov. 1953 and is buried at Laugharne .

    Walford Davies , Dylan Thomas , Cardiff, 1972 ( 1972 );
    [ J. Alexander Rolph , Dylan Thomas a bibliography , New York, 1956; 2nd ed. 1974 ( 1974 );
    George M. A. Gaston , Dylan Thomas a reference guide , Boston, Mass., 1987 ( 1987 );
    Ralph Maud , Dylan Thomas in print , Pittsburgh, 1970 ( 1970 );
    John Ackerman , A Dylan Thomas Companion life, poetry and prose , Basingstoke, 1994 ( 1994 );
    and see many biographies, including Paul Ferris ( 1977 ), John Ackerman ( 1964 , 1991 ), G. S. Fraser ( 1964 ), Constantine FitzGibbon ( 1965 ), Daniel Jones ( 1977 );
    Walford Davies and Ralph Maud , Collected Poems 1934-53 , 1994 (1994) ].


    Professor Walford Davies, Aberystwyth.

    THOMAS , WILLIAM Gwilym Marles ; 1834 - 1879 ), Unitarian minister, social reformer, writer, and schoolmaster ; b. at Glan Rhyd y Gwiail , near Brechfa, Carms. , son of William and Ann Thomas (née Jones ) , but adopted by his father's sister. He was educated at Ffrwd-y-fâl school , 1851 , Carmarthen College , 1852-6 , and Glasgow University , 1856-60 , where he graduated M.A. He was an Independent when he went to Carmarthen College , but a Unitarian when he left it, and when he had completed his course at Glasgow he settled down as Unitarian minister of Bwlch-y-fadfa and Llwynrhydowen , where he remained from 1860 until his death. From Nov. 1857 to Feb. 1858 he was private tutor to Islwyn (q.v.) ; in 1855 he had written a novel for Seren Gomer . In 1859 he published his little book, Prydyddiaeth , and he edited and wrote a great deal for his periodical, Yr Athraw , during the short period of its existence from Sept. 1865 to Aug. 1867 . His chief contributions to the Ymofynydd were ‘ Cofion a Chyffesiadau ,’ 1861 , ‘ Hanner awr gyda'r Bardd o Bantycelyn ,’ 1863 , and ‘ Theodore Parker ,’ 1863-4 . He was completely converted to Parker 's theological and social views and, for that reason, may be regarded as the founder of modern Unitarianism in Wales . He joined wholeheartedly in the Liberal movement in Cardiganshire , and his contributions to the Press, his speeches, and his sermons aroused the antagonism of the landlords with the result that he and his congregation were turned out of the old Llwynrhydowen chapel , 29 Oct. 1876 . He took a leading part in the 1868 election and was a strong advocate of the secret ballot . He kept a school at Llandysul , 1860-79 , and was the means of starting a new Unitarian church in the town. He d. 11 Dec. 1879 , and was buried in the burial ground of the new chapel at Llwynrhydowen .Bibliography:
    Gwilym Marles (‘Cyfres y Fil’), Llanuwchllyn, 1905 (‘Cyfres y Fil’), 1905 ; diaries and manuscripts in Llwynrhydowen library; Eminent Welshmen , 1908 ; Yr Ymofynnydd (memorial issue), Oct. 1934 ; R. J. Jones , The Unitarian Students at the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen…1796–1901 , 1901 .
    Rev. David Jacob Davies, (1916-74), Aberdare / Alltyblaca, Llanybydder.

    I would like to add, just for the record, that I suffered NO abuse from this side of the family...

    Sunday, 8 April 2012

    Confusion and Fear #Amsosa

    Since last summer I have posted many articles on this blog written by my friend Steve Bevan, of AMSOSA UK.

    I met Steve through Twitter and attended his Male Survivors Weekend Retreat last year. Steve has worked with Male Survivors for over 21 years and founded AMSOSA in 1991 and is recognised as a leading expert in male survivors of sexual abuse/rape in the United Kingdom. He has also given guest talks, training and workshops in the U.K, U.S, Australia, New Zealand, and in Scandinavia and is soon to set off to South Africa to do the same.

    "The mission of AMSOSA is to empower men who have experienced sexual abuse or rape, and enable them to live happier, healthier lives. We offer male survivors the opportunity to focus on the ability to heal and recover, by dealing with 1/3rd of their past, 1/3rd of their present, and 1/3rd of their future, covering aspects of the sexual abuse they have suffered, yet focussing on the strength and courage they possess, and leaving the past where it belongs.

    We are a regionally based, nationally recognised, and internationally known agency, providing specialised training to NHS Trusts, Social Services, Police forces, SARCS, Victim Support teams, and offer counselling sessions within prisons, hostels, day centres and other agencies."

    I asked Steve to write a piece for this blog and am very proud to present it here.


    Just two of the many issues that male survivor face when struggling to come to terms with the sexual abuse they have suffered as children, teenagers or adults.

    Confusion is often as to why were they abused, and that is a question that is never going to be answered properly, yet keeps coming back to haunt them and demands an answer.

    My simple short answer to those questions, when it’s raised, is they were abused because the person or persons, who abused them were nothing less than sick dirty people, who should never be allowed near anyone again, as they are twisted and evil men and women.

    Yes women abuse both boys and men, and women also abuse young boys and girls too.

    The fears that kick in after being abuse are complex and differs from one survivor to another, but the primary fear is of being seen, of being found out and of being judged wrongly remains the same, and has the same effects upon the survivor.

    Male survivors automatically wrongly inherit the guilt, shame and blame for the abuse that was done to them, and grow up thinking and believing that they were part of the abuse.

    Other fears that kick in is will they be called gay, or labelled as weak, and some guys even think they were to blame for what happened to them, because they didn’t stop the abuse or tell someone who would have stopped it.

    The answer to that is they did the best they could, under the circumstances, to deal with what happened to them, and shouldn’t look back and judge themselves so harshly, because they coped.

    Sexual abuse and rape impacts deeply upon the heart, soul and inner core of a man, as he grows up, trying to deal with the abuse he suffered, and also survived, and my job is to show him that he is a survivor, can become a thrive, and can overcome the past, to become the man he wants to be, not the person he has been led to be.

    It’s far from easy to let go of the past, but it can be done with the right support, and belief that he is capable of doing so.

    HELPLINE: 0845 430 9371
    WEDS 7.00PM ~ 9.00PM WEEKDAYS: 10AM ~ 4PM (OR answerphone)

    After The Rains

    After the rains that fell so soft
    In my mind I see a view
    This time not a field full of flowers
    But a life with me being without you.
    When you left me, forever, not to return
    A big part of me died.
    I told you that I didn't need you
    But I couldn't convince my heart, I lied.
    Loneliness took the place of your face
    And the nights became so long, too long.
    Depression transformed to agitation
    And I knew that I was oh so wrong.
    I can't spend the rest of my life
    Crying over the past, In Pain. In vain.
    I just need to concentrate on the future
    And something solid that will last.
    Does anything last?
    After the rains that fell so soft
    In my mind I see a view
    Of me adjusting to the changes,
    And I'm far better off without you.


    My Pain

                              My Pain, It Will Follow
                              I sink lower and lower
                              Into my depression, here I go
                              The sorrow ...tugging at my heart
                              Will it ever let me go

                              I know....yes I know
                              That no matter where I am
                              My pain it will follow
                              My tears it will demand

                              I wish that I could hate me
                              I wish I did not care
                              I wish that you understood
                              That once there was love there

                              In my heart, I did once feel it
                              And my soul once filled with love
                              Now an endless sea of pain
                              My sorrow cannot get enough

                              I know....... oh don't I know??
                              That no matter where I am
                              My pain it will follow.
                              My tears it will demand

                              Sometimes I think my pain has passed
                              I think I'll be okay
                              But its always there waiting for me
                              Tomorrow if not today

                              I hold my heart with all my might
                              Clinging on with desperation
                              I hold fast for dear life
                              To my eternal condemnation

                              Because I know no matter what
                              No matter how much I want to be loved
                              My sorrow it is waiting
                              And it won't stop till I've given up

                              It is waiting very near me
                     matter where I am
                              My pain it will follow
                              My soul it will demand


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