Saturday 9 May 2020

The Truth - I am glad I am leaving #Domestic Violence #MenToo

The Truth Be Hidden
Like a wave of stinging bees
a vast maw spews forth
its delivery of denigration,
staccato sticks and stones
hurled with venomous vigour
in machine gun frenzy
the leaden poison bullets
hitting the heart hard
jerking the soul strings
wearing thin with insult,
acidity dripping and dissolving
corroding their commitment
polarisation pulsing into view
building walls ever higher
cemented by hatred
surely it is not meant?
where is the commitment,
the shining example?
replaced by petty point-scoring
and manifestations malignant
boiling in intensity fermented
showering ears with barbed comment
eyes roll and look for deliverance
ever stalled like praise
a poised viper waiting
to spring with pent-up
bitterness an addiction always
everyone else wrong, always
an excuse for adrenaline fix
of abuse, a tirade of blame
heaped like so much shit
on their shoulders, broadened
by years of this manic seque
the mind of a seeming harridan
being called forth all too often
channelling its primal negativity
pounding, pounding, demanding
submission the only solution
that is unless you leave.

Though knowing that even in the
 leaving, my escape will be considered betrayal.

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