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In almost any situation, trying to come to terms with your abusive history may leave you suffering from what is known as flashbacks.
These occur as conscious or unconscious images and thoughts, resulting from part of the central core of your memory of the abuse.
They can appear as vague recurrent body sensations for which you may have no conscious memory, and the sensations and memories occur when triggered by either internal or external circumstances, evoking the original trauma.
Example: A survivor whose abuse included posing for pornographic pictures may experience a flashback by the appearance of a camera.
A survivor left alone for long periods of time after being abused may flashback to when they feel isolated or lonely.
In many cases, the more often a trauma has been repeated, the more intrusive its nature, the deeper and stronger the survivor's memory of the event.
If a trigger occurs recalling previous abusive events, a chain of associations occurs, often unconsciously and you re-experience the abusive incidents.
This re-experience creates a blurring between past and present; in that you unconsciously withdraw from the present, projecting past memories and feelings onto the "here-and-now".
Repressed memories also return as flashbacks; emerging in the form of nightmares, and you have dreams that explicitly recall your abuse or recurrent nightmares of being pursued that symbolically evoke themes of abuse.
So, after all that’s a well tried, successful version on how to tackle those flashbacks, and regain control of your life, please give it a try.
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