Sunday, 11 September 2011

Childhood Sexual Abuse STATS 2 #amsosa

Estimates now state that at least 1 in 4 males & 1 in 3 females will have survived some form of sexual abuse before reaching the age of 18!
In the UK, that accounts for almost 21% of the population!
That means in excess of 10,400,000 people in the UK are survivors of sexual abuse. 

Assuming the average person lives until at least 70 years old, that means 148,571 NEW ‘victims’ of childhood sexual abuse each year. These figures do not include those adults who have been raped. 

To put it into more manageable terms... each time you see a car pass you in the street, just think "that's 3 people who have been abused" will not be that far wrong. 

* Prevalence of Sexual Abuse in a sample of 16-21 year olds.
Study by: Liz Kelly, Linda Regan and Sheila Burton.

Sample group of students in further education.
1,224 students: 62% female, 17% from minority ethnic groups, 48 individuals reported some form of disability. 

Definition of abuse used:
Any event/interaction which the young person reported as abusive/unwanted before the age of 18.
59% of women and 27% of men reported such an incident.

16% of boys are sexually abused before the age of 18.
David Finkelhor, et al., Sexual Abuse in a National Survey, 1990

Men born in England and Wales in 1953, 7 in 1,000 have a conviction of sexual offences against a child, by age 40.
Marshall, 1997.

If you consider that perhaps only 5% of cases get reported and of that 5% only 35% lead to charges, then a staggering picture begins to emerge of enormous unreported numbers of offences against children. Add together the statistics about the number of victims each offender abuses and it becomes even more staggering.

Men convicted of sexual offences against a child claim 5 or more undetected sexual assaults for which they were never caught. Groth, Hobson and Garry 1982; Elliot, Browne and Kilcoyne, 1995. 
Only 35% of the offenders are charged, 5% receive a caution and for 56% there is no further action. Prior, Glaser and Lynch, 1997.
In the adult retrospective study, victimisation was reported by 16% of the men. The median age for the occurrence of reported abuse was 9.9 for boys. Victimization occurred before age eight for 22% of boys.
Boys are less likely to disclose the abuse. 33 % of the men reported never having disclosed the experience to anyone. Source: Finkelhor et al., 1990. 


Patricia Singleton said...

Jan, thank you for sharing these statistics on child sexual abuse. When we stand together - men and women - we have a better chance of stopping child sexual abuse from harming the next generation of children. In speaking out, we can start our own healing process.

counselling Southampton said...

The effects of sexual abuse can be potentially terrible. In fact, many people who experience sexual abuse in any form tend to sexually abuse others.

For many others, the sexual abuse is a bitter experience that they want to forget and yet they couldn't. The wound may heal for a time but it's scar will forever remain.

Jan said...

Counselling Southampton, thank you for your comment. I am unsure as to whether it is positive or not. Yes a percentage do become abusers. Scars can be lived with, as long as the wound is clean and has been healed.

May I ask if you have been abused?

Patricia Singleton said...

I just read counselling Southampton's comment. The statement "many people who experience sexual abuse in any form tend to sexually abuse others." makes it sound like a lot of survivors turn around and abuse. I have seen a number attached to this somewhere else but don't remember the number or where I saw it but it was a very small percentage of children who were sexually abused and grow up to themselves abuse others. The above statement by counselling Southhampton sounds like it is labeling most of us who are survivors as abusers. Many of us consciously choose to not abuse because we know the pain, the scars and the struggles it left in our own lives. Please be very careful with your words. Today I see many survivors speaking out and doing the work of healing themselves. Many of us have found our voices and are using them for good.


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