Friday, 9 September 2011

Childhood Sexual Abuse STATS 1 #amsosa

...50% of those abused (now adults) never report the abuse
...In 67% of cases the abuse started before the age of 11 years old
...In 50% of cases the abuse lasted between two to eighteen years.
Source: National Commission of Inquiry into the Prevention of Child Abuse

...provisional information on 30 October 2000 shows that there were 5,190 sex offenders in custody in England and Wales.
Source: Home Office 

...average cost per sex offender in prison in 2005/5: £40,000 per annum.
Source: Home Office

..At least a quarter of recorded rape victims are children.
Source: Home Office

...adults who experienced child sexual abuse are up to twelve times more likely to attempt suicide than those who did not.
"...the overall cost to society of sexual offences in 2003-04 was estimated at £8.5 billion a year" (Much of this cost was made of lost output and costs to the health services from long term health issues faced by survivors of abuse ..almost all this money is spent on dealing with the aftermath of abuse rather than its prevention.
Source: Childhood Matters (1997). The Report of the National Commission of Inquiry into the Prevention of Child Abuse. 1997 the police were notified of 1,269 offences of 'gross indecency with a child under 14 years'.
Source: Home Office (1998) Criminal Statistics, 1997. HMSO. 

...15% of a national sample of 998 children aged 8-11 years said they would not talk to someone if they had a problem.
Source: Ghate and Daniels (1997). Talking About My Generation. NSPCC. 

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