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Male Survivors - Benefits Of Group Work/Therapy


Many male survivors have grown up without the physical and/or emotional presence of a father. Without an active father to guide you into the often confusing world of men, you can end up feeling lost, isolated, inadequate, and experiences other consequences that make it difficult to feel you have a valid place in the world.
A men's group can help fulfil this role, and does provide a good role model too.

RAGE/ANGER Many men find it easy, sometimes too easy, to express anger. But most men find it harder to show and feel strong feelings, especially anger. A men's group opens up the real possibility of safely experiencing rage and pain--whilst knowing it is safely contained, and that you are safe too.

Talking about a variety of sexual issues is far more easier in an all male group. Some issues include the full disclosure of details of your abuse, sexual problems, an avoidance of sex, sexual acting out, sexual experiences, and many other issues.

Many men who were sexually abused (especially those abused by other men), are confused about their sexual/affectional preference.
While it is difficult to determine cause and effect regarding this orientation (e.g., whether sexual abuse "causes" homosexuality), most men, gay and straight, have concerns about how the sexual abuse may have played a role in determining their sexual orientation.

We allow you the chance to explore this, without ridicule

A men's group helps you to also develop and understand masculinity by:
* Helping redefine masculine stereotypes.
* By giving your permission to be vulnerable.
* By learning to appropriately release anger and use power.
* By identifying healthy role models.
* By developing safe, non sexual, intimacy with other men. * Intimacy is nothing to do with being sexual! *
* By learning to focus on the healing process, rather than rushing towards the end-product.
* By learning to value the things men do.
* By regaining a feeling of pride in masculinity.
* By learning inter-dependence rather than fearing dependence.

ALLOWING THE UNCONSCIOUS TO BECOME CONSCIOUS. We also allow you the time and space to be honest both with yourself and others, and to express the hidden thoughts, fears and feelings you have kept secret for so many years
By doing so, you allow the healing to begin, and will learn to rid yourself of the debris that has weighed you down, blocked your breath, stunted your growth.
It is necessary not only to release but to receive, by which I mean you learn to tolerate the pain not only of loss but of regaining. To live through the anxiety of feeling good with all its fear of loss.

Often its a process of changing learned habits, and how you express words, often negatively, that alone can help you see that what you say and think is negative, and damaging to yourself.

We enable you to 'de-programme' your previous thoughts and behaviour patterns, turning them around to be positive, instead of negative thoughts
By doing so, you gain a real insight into who you are, what you were, and what you want to be, as opposed to what the abuse may have made you behave and react in life.
Healing comes through expressing your thoughts and feelings, and by doing that fully, breaking the silence that was imposed upon you by your abuse, you will feel a real and deep strength from being free of the ghosts of the past, and able to live your life!

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By Daffodil said...

Although this is written for men, it spells out very clearly how sexual abuse has affected me and the advantages of group therapy. Inspiring!


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