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    MYTH: Think back to the not so distant past, and you will recall that sexual abuse just 'didn't happen to boys and men', so no wonder there is still       some resistance to acknowledge that females do sexually abuse boys and men, and that 'joe public' would rather ignore the issue than agree that men            and boys are sexually abused and raped by females!
Although the majority of abusers are male, women also sexually abuse both boys and girls, and not, as part of the myth, that they were forced to do so by a man. Many act alone and abuse in a far more sadistic pattern.
In group sessions, we have had countless men who were been abused by females, and in many cases, it was their mothers, sisters, female babysitters and female family 'friends' who abused them. More and more men are finding the courage to speak out and begin to break the last taboo, which is that females do sexually abuse children.

Dr Bunting, author of Females Who Sexually Offend Against Children says, "There is no safe gender, just offenders. Female sexual offenders are just as capable of perpetrating terrible, evil and sordid acts as men are."

Because men represent the overwhelming majority of sexual offenders, society has translated the significant minority of female sexual offenders into non-existence, she said. This, she adds, leads to severe under-reporting of incidences of sexual crimes committed by females and is also the reason why victims encounter so much disbelief when they report such a crime.

Although it is becoming known that women do sexually abuse children, it is often seen as being forced into it by male partners,but sadly women also carry out sexual assaults on children, often alone and it involves cruel sadistic assaults

Workers who support male survivors are beginning to listen and believe that women do sexually abuse children, and although this has implications on destroying the myth that females are caring and nurturing people, it has one story that has to be believed and listened to.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with u whole heartily. Some females can truly be much worse when it comes to physical and mental abuse. The object is this type of pattern has a way of affecting the child in such away that it when that child becomes older and finds themselves in the mentor role even though they might not realize it too some affect they pass on a certain amount of abuse. Or worse full abuse. Its catching that cycle before it is passed on. That's the trick. I managed to do so with my daughter. It is a battle of the mind being intune, as Cesar Milan the dog whisper would say living in the moment. Checking and double checking before u speak to them and in what message u are trying to convey, body language, Also allowing a little bit of the pain u felt as a child to keep u in check. Knowing what u do can change a life.


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