Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dear Grandfather

Giving in.......
Was my only way of coping
Whilst my heart was weak
To stop the ache in my gut
Vengence I wanted to seek
Words of anger and scorn
I now wish I could deliver
To see you on your knees
Flowing on my raging river
Images I would love to see
To bring my heart content
See you pleading for mercy
Whilst from my heart I vent
Spill anger and hurt over you
Your lies I release and free
Love to watch you repent
Pleading forgiveness to me
If only I could see you grovel
To witness you falling apart
Venting soothes these pains
May help in healing my heart
Could I reach a heart of stone
Flow hurt in his watery veins
Though this may never happen
Venting is releasing my pains

1 comment:

myraysoflight said...

This was so powerful in its pain. It takes bravery to step out from the ashes, I commend you. The hardest thing can be to take a step forward and show another that they are not alone.

My prayers are with you


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